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ARCHLine.XP has been offering Educational Licensing and support for institutions since 2010. We have long been committed to granting the professional features for non-profit, educational, and other organizations. See below for licensing options.


Students and Tutors may apply for individual Non-Profit licenses, which grant free of charge usage of the software for a period of time.

To use an ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit license, you need to register an account and provide your name, contact and email address which will be used to generate and deliver your license key.

ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit licenses are issued for a period of 2 months by default and may be renewed for an additional period upon request.

  1. Download and install the Trial version
  2. Click on the ‘Get a Non-Profit version’ button when the software starts
  3. Your browser will navigate you to ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit registration website.
  4. Press here the button ‘ARCHLine ID’ to obtain your Non-profit license.
  5. Restart the ARCHLine.XP software.


ARCHLine licenses may be supplied to Educational Institutions free of charge, for the duration of a semester. This means:

  1. Free ARCHLine.XP licenses for the educational institution
  2. Free ARCHLine.XP licenses for students of the same institution
  3. Access to the online tutorial materials (educational videos, sample projects, etc)
  4. The educators of the institutions are continuously trained, and they take an exam on their knowledge of the most recent program version

The practical system of the education program ensures that students of all institutions have access to a
high-quality, computer-based design skills, which they can utilize immediately after the completion of
the course.

In order to apply and qualify for the program,  Contact Us



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