PlaceMaker for SketchUp

PlaceMaker is a plugin for SketchUp that allows you to import High resolution Aerials, 3D buildings, Parametric 3D roads and walks and even bodies of water and trees. It includes the ability to texture buildings using Google Street View. It will save you h ours, if not days, of work and create instant cities from across the world.
PlaceMaker imports in data from OpenStreetMap (what many GPS devices use) and DigitalGlobe. The data from these sources is TRULY global. It includes high rez aerials and roads for even the most remote places or locations in development. There are 3D buildings for many, if not most, large to medium size cities around the world and even for many smaller cities and towns.
PlaceMaker imports high resolution from DigitalGlobe, a company that collects aerials, remote sensing and geospatial data. The PlaceMaker team pays a monthly fee for users to access the DigitalGlobe aerials.


Import High resolution aerial directly into SketchUp to use as your base.

3D Buildings

Insert 3D building massing models for select locations and cities.

Roads and Paths

Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready.

Model on Terrain

PlaceMaker will model and drape buildings, 3D roads and paths directly onto terrain.

Export to Revit

Use the Export to Revit function and import your model into Revit.

Instant Site Base

Create instant site base files to use for modeling, design and rendering.

PlaceMaker is compatible with:

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