SimLab Plugins for SketchUp

Speed up your data translation around SketchUp – Click on logos for standalone pricing.[spacer height=”20px”]For Standalone and Floating licenses Click Here[spacer height=”20px”]For SketchUp Plugin Upgrades – Click Here  [spacer height=”20px”]



Export 3D PDF to SketchUp


Import 3D PDF to SketchUp


SketchUp Integration


Solidworks Importer

Android / iPad exporter for SketchUp

DWF importer to SketchUp

DWF exporter from SketchUp

DWG importer to SketchUp

3D DWG exporter from SketchUp

FBX importer to SketchUp

FBX exporter from SketchUp

OBJ importer to SketchUp

OBJ Exporter from SketchUp


STL exporter to SketchUp


STL importer from SketchUp


IGES importer to SketchUp


JT exporter from SketchUp


STEP importer to SketchUp


Inventor importer to SketchUp


IFC importer to SketchUp


JT importer to SketchUp



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