Renderlights New Features & Specification Requirements

 What’s new on RENDERLights 1.9 

VERSION 1.9.10 

1) Exporting

+export to Collada *.dae

+improved compatibility of exported dae

+collada exports uv channel numbers.

+ reduced number of export crashes while exporting to Collada (*.dae)

+RENDERLights can export unicode textures to Collada (*.dae)

+export happens in isolated process (less likely to crash)

+support for export isolation

+lightmaps can be imported (tested from ambient slot in collada)

+export to dae uses png lightmaps

2) Oculus

+ Update to Oculus SDK for Windows V0.8.0.0-beta

+more accurate automatic near in oculus mode

+oculus mode: mouse up/down moves camera up/down (elevator)

+oculus mode: mouse is centered on screen

+leaving oculus mode restores SSGI, sRGB, Max FPS

+copy of oculus image in main window is bigger

+oculus mode disables sRGB, SSGI, enables Max FPS

+fix: crash if oculus service is stopped

+chromatic aberration disabled on entering oculus mode

+automatic tonemapping disabled in oculus mode

+fix: black screen when oculus unavailable

3) Viewport

+updated skyboxes

+zoom to light

+marquee does not select disabled objects

+in ortho camera, zoom on selection

+zoom to selection is activated by f3/t/b/l/r

+warn before deleting

+increased ortho near/far after zoom to selection

+Model/Translation step is 2x smaller for smooth editing

+icon size depends also on dynamic objects

+F11 sets focus to viewport

+majority of keyboard controls (e.g. wsad) work also when focus is in material library tree

+F1..F12 work always, without regard to what panel has focus

+default height in gravity mode is 1.4m

+ESC deselects

4) Cave Support

+Cave mode with 2 cameras added

+renamed Panorama modes

+renamed Screen center -> Offset


+cave works also in quad buffer stereo

+cave defaults tweaked

+cave settings saved to project

+cave disables camera/offset

5) Importing

+updated importing system

+update skp reader library

+import support of skp 2016

+RENDERLights support for native 64bit skp reader

+support 3dwarehouse “collada” files (zip with model.dae inside)

+Obsolete formats removed from file format list

+import multiple files at once

+additional import options (merged, by materials, dynamic)

+faster FBX import

+auto-hide checkboxes in Import dialog

+on first import, add Sun, technique=Fireball, adjust camera, adjust icon size

6) Materials

+enhanced Material library

-old library moved to folder “RL materials”

-old project materials moved to folder “In project”

-new folder “Unused” with flat structure, stored in .rlproj

-new folder “My materials” with automatic subfolders, stored in Documents/RENDERLights/matlib.rrmaterial

-new context menu for thumbnails (left click first to select, right click for context menu)



-Save to My materials

+context menu moved from material properties to thumbnails

+selecting thumbnail shows its material properties (only for used materials)

+right clicking thumbnail selects it (so context menu works as expected)

+fix: ocean texture was not loaded after “add / ocean”

+fix removed text above material thumbnail

+fix: “mapping” did not work for static objects

+enable uv gizmo also for static objects

7)Rendering and Animation

+fix: FOV in enhanced animation capture

+fix: baking with bump maps

+fix: non-enhanced animation capture

+reduced cubemap thresholds (improved reflections)

+unwrap is generated into uv channel 2 (or higher, if 2 is not free)

+cubemap thresholds fixed at 0.000001 and removed from panel

+tonemapping “Max” changes when night/dusk is set

+tonemapping Max is remembered when entering Night environment and restored when leaving

+video capture supports all enhanced screenshot settings

+baking uses bump maps

+duplicate animation

+keyframe start times in explorer

+all objects with no mapping get box one

+chromatic aberration

+fix: realtime light leaking around corners

+fix: cutting planes

+fix: video did not play while capturing

+contours coloring ( any color can be used)

+fix: video playback under low fps

+”render material diffuse” saved to rlproj

+”render material diffuse color” added to undo, animation system

+when capture of single frame fails, whole capture is aborted (“Try lower resolution” was reported many times)

+context menu/”Apply change to all frames”

+mapping is enabled also for static objects

+fix fps is not animated

+fix: seeking in video

+Image overlay / blending modes (Equation, Background multiplier, Overlay multiplier)

+render logo on top of image overlay

+image overlay can be animated (texture changed)

+fix: possible freeze when closing video (in “Cleaning up…”)

+fix: ffmpeg looping

+pathtracer no longer tests for “background” in material name, has checkbox instead

+shadowmaps can use non-automatic near/far

+fix: animation capture was saving to wrong folder

+fix: extra click was necessary after F10

+animation capture in fullscreen does not ask for destination folder

+blend modes: Normal, Multiply, Add, Subtract, Darken, Lighten

+Material / Transmittance / [ ] background

+Light / Shadow / [x] Automatic near/far

+F10 does not ask for animation capture path

+when animation capture path is empty, project folder is used

+when animation capture path is empty and no project was opened/saved, message is displayed

+when animation capture path is invalid, message is displayed

+animation lock view, dolly saved to .rlproj

+manually configured light near/far can be negative

+chromatic aberration is diagonal shift

+added Preferences / Stereo mode / Supersampling (for Oculus only)

+fix: it was not possible to change Sun near/far

+fix: selecting with orthogonal camera

+when in Enhanced render mode, RL viewport shows how screenshot will look like. unused space is left black

  +menu is separated, stays larger

  +removed Preferences / Enhanced render / Show border

8) General

+fix: packnshare  (Used to crash on creation)

+packnshare prints list of missing files

+packnshare doesn’t fail when two paths point to the same file (e.g. a.jpg, a/../a.jpg)

+”Exporting…” in viewport

+layout colors (panel titles, menu highlight, background)

+updated languages

+when project opens and user aborts fireball build, technique switches to const.ambient

+”Open project” and “Merge project” don’t modify data (flip faces etc)

+”Face sides” changed name to “Backface cull”

+fixed: colored shadow errors introduced in 1.8.5

+fixed: reflections did not update with video sky

+fixed: missing dll problem

+fixed: video removed from sky did continue to play

+fixed: little planet mode was flipped (upside down)

+Updated defaults for wrap, smoothing amount, chromatic aberration, SSGI intensity

+fix: environment blending with sRGB enabled

+updated languages

+better locate files referenced by .rlproj (fixes missing files after moving project to different folder)

+gizmo moved from center of gravity to center of bounding box

+alt+ctrl+down = merge objects together

+alt+ctrl+up= Split objects by material

Specification Requirements

Minimum requirements

   Windows Vista/Win7. 32bits or 64 bits.

   OpenGL 2.1 or newer

   RAM memory 2 GB

   Video RAM 512 MB min (GeForce GTX 750 Ti) (Quadro K420)

   (AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 GHz Edition)

Recommended requirements

   Windows 10 or higher 64 bits.

   OpenGL 4.2 or newer

   RAM memory 16 GB

   Video RAM 12GB  (GeForce GTX TITAN Z) (Quadro M6000 24GB)

  (Radeon™ Pro Duo)









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