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Scan & render real-world materials – like never before

Imagine rendering truly realistic materials – without creating a single texture map or touching a single setting.

With our patented material scanning system and rendering plugin, VRscans introduces a new level of accuracy for visualizing real-world materials in computer graphics.

After several years of research and prototyping, Chaos Group have just released their 3D material scanning service and plugin – VRscans

VRscans is a combination of a hardware-based scanning system and a software-based rendering plugin that work together to easily create material properties for creating realistic renderings without the usual workflow of texture maps and tweaking shader settings. This enables a high level of accuracy for visualizing real-world materials in renders.

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The VRscans Library contains over 650 pre-scanned materials ready to be applied to 3D visualizations in 3ds Max, Maya or SketchUp. The growing collection includes samples of car paint, fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal and more. Our extended trial gives you the VRscans plugin and unlimited access to the VRscans library free for 90 days.

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Render physically accurate materials from any angle, in any lighting condition – from a single file

The VRscans unique material format contains all the data you need to accurately render a material from any angle, in any lighting condition. With the VRscans plugin, you can load scanned materials directly into V-Ray – one of the world’s most popular physically-based rendering platforms.

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Choose a sample

The new standard in computer graphics for material creation and visualization

VRscans materials are superior to standard BRDF approximations such as Blinn, Ward, and GGX. Instead of BRDF, VRscans implements BTF (bidirectional texture functions) to completely capture a material’s true surface appearance, texture data, and unique response to light.

Physically accurate scanned materials save time – every time

With access to our expanding library of VRscans materials,
you can eliminate the guesswork of material creation and trust the results every time.

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Ready to scan your materials?

Ship us your physical material samples, and our capture specialists will analyze,
scan and deliver accurate ready-to-render materials.

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