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LayOut is the 2D companion to SketchUp Pro. Create professional design documents, dimensioned drawings and presentations from your 3D models, to communicate your ideas to clients and partners. Revise your model in SketchUp Pro and the changes are updated automatically in LayOut.

The drawing presentation in the program is impressive. LayOut has also decreased the time required to create CDs because of the tight integration between SketchUp and LayOut.

- Mitchel Stangl – Mechanical Engineer – Stangl Associates



ith LayOut you can add text, dimensions and 2D elements to your 3D models to create interactive presentations. Display as an on-screen slideshow or create high-resolution printouts for sharing with customers or project teams.

Designing in SketchUp Pro and presenting in LayOut allows me unlimited flexibility and revisions combined with the ability to create quick dynamic presentations. What good is a 3D model anyway without a compelling presentation? LayOut is the compelling solution!

- Mike Brightman, Bright Ideas Consulting


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