SketchUp Pro 2018 Released!

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 SketchUp Pro 2018 Released!

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SketchUp Pro 2018 System Requirements

Downloading and Installing SketchUp

Release Notes

Deliver work you’re incredibly proud of.

Here’s what’s new in 2018…

SketchUp Pro (Desktop)

Making Information Modeling Useful Ultimately, we think ‘BIM’ is about using information in your model to make better buildings.

Our focus is to help users embed and manage information in a SketchUppy way.



Learn about LayOut>

Smarter Sections

Named Sections


Just like components, section planes have names and symbols, making them easy to find, organize, and edit in Outliner.

Now, it’s  easy to access and manage sections whenever you need to.

Filled Section Cuts


Filled Section Cuts are now baked into SketchUp Pro. Select a colour for your fills via the Styles dialogue and bake them into templates.

Fast Sections


SketchUp features improved performance for models that use section planes to hide large amounts of geometry.

The more geometry you section off, the more you’ll benefit! 



Make Better Drawings



Drawing Better


Inferencing, chamfering and filleting, arcs, offset arrays, selections: LayOut is even better at everything you need to draw details or create beautiful illustrations at scale.

Learn about LayOut>


Got BIM?


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