How Sketchup Pro is Beneficial for Designers

bannerThe ever-changing world of 3D modelling and architectural designing introduces advanced updates and CAD programs. One of the most preferred tools opted by designers and architects is Sketchup Pro. Formerly known as Google Sketchup, it is a paid version and comes along as an “assistant” in interior designing, civil and mechanical engineering, architecture, film and video game designing etc. Number of features and add-ons are infused together within a single frame.

Here are some benefits which make Sketchup Pro a suitable choice for budding designers:

  • As operating this tool is quite easy and simple, designers and architects can create 3D drawings without much time. It is user-friendly, and comprises of multiple programs, options and panels to select and go ahead. Users can easily focus on scales, formatting and dimensions. Joining Sketchup Pro classes in UK helps to brush up the skills and knowledge, and allows you to excel professionally.
  • The Pencil tool enables the designer to draw a straight line, pull or push the 3D surface up, down, rotate, paint and much more. Create the perfect model with measured dimensions, textures, colours and materials using added plugins.
  • As Sketchup Pro is constructive software, it helps to install, format and export files It has an interactive guide narrating through the steps, and helps to modify/format files with extensions such as OBJ, XSI, WRL, DXF, KMZ, TIF, FBX, DAE, DWG, and 3DS, JPG, and PNG. Also, you can export files in AutoCAD and other related software.
  • SketchUP 3D Warehouse acts as an open source library, which enables the users to download, upload and share models within a similar platform. You can work with files up to 30 MB of size and create your own official page with a proper portfolio and catalogues.
  • One of the benefits of using this 3D software is the capability to select and use innumerable graphical styles and effects for quality formatting. The Section Planes option also allows cutting/cropping any image in any shape for sectional outlook. Availing quality Sketchup Pro classes in UK help to understand these options and tools for better productivity.


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