SketchUp release maintenance release 3

Have you checked this out yet? now with macOS Catalina Support

Trimble has released SketchUp Pro 2019.3 to the world and you can get it here

For existing SketchUp 2019 users you can access this update for FREE.

If you have an expired Maintenance and Support Contract, less than 3 years expired, you can renew now should you need access to SketchUp 2019.3.

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Sign In Workflow Changes

The change in 2019.3 that will impact classic license users: Users need to be signed in before accessing the 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse and Add Location, which they didn’t need to do in previous builds. Accessing these features will go through the new sign-in workflow, which means classic license users need Trimble IDs (or Google IDs) to access them.This past April, Google announced that it will no longer support Google Sign In through embedded browser frameworks. In order to continue supporting Google Sign In, we’re following one of Google’s recommended solutions: to have users sign in through their default web browsers and capture the sign in information via a web server on their local machine (

  • All users need to be signed in to access the 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Trimble Connect and Add Location from within the desktop apps.
  • When a user selects a ‘Sign In’ command from within a desktop app, the user’s default web browser will open a new tab in order for them to sign in.

SketchUp Release Notes

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