SketchUp Checkup Utility



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Downloading Checkup

Checkup can be downloaded here.

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Updated Software Requirement: CheckUp

“Not sure if SketchUp will run on your computer? We’ve created CheckUp, a system checker that will report if SketchUp will play well with your computer or not.”

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Contact us for recommendations on PC Hardware Upgrade options for successfully running SketchUp 2018 on Windows.

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SketchUp Checkup

With SketchUp 2018, we have a new stand-alone application – SketchUp 2018 Checkup – that allows you to check your computer for compatibility issues with SketchUp 2018. By running it, you can discover what problems your computer might encounter when running SketchUp 2018 so that you can take steps to correct the situation. This application also generates a file can be given to our Technical Support team who may be able use it to support you in solving errors/warnings that you are seeing.

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The SketchUp 2018 Checkup application runs only on Windows 64-bit machines.

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Contact us to discuss YOUR SketchUp Pro Software Sales and ATC certified training needs.



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