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SketchUp Pro-License Options

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SketchUp Pro 2018 System Requirements

Downloading and Installing SketchUp

Release Notes

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SketchUp License Options

Single User Licenses

A Single-user licence is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user.

That individual can install the licence on two computers that they use BUT only use one at the
same time. This is typically a work computer/Desktop and a laptop.

sketchup license compliance

Only ONE person can use a single user licence. A single user licence cannot be shared
between colleagues.

For a customer to be compliant, they must have a single user licence for any employee that
uses SketchUp (or look at network licensing)

Network Licences
A network licence covers EVERYONE within a company. Every employee who uses SketchUp,
whether that be all day every day, or just for 10 minutes a week – will be covered by this licence

Note: For a network licence to work, SketchUp needs to be able to communicate over ports
5053 and 50530.

Private Server Network Licence

If you are unable to open the required ports (5053 and 50530) to use a standard
network licence, then a private server licence is an alternative option.

The private server network licence is hosted on your own server.
Commercial private network licences are available for 1 or 2-year term periods.

Private Server Network Licences can only be created as NEW and it is not
possible to convert an existing Network Licence to an Offline (private server) license.

Additionally, once a Private Server Network Licence has been generated it cannot be
altered or upgraded (no adding of seats is possible). You will be obligated to use
the version of SketchUp you purchased for the term of the licence purchased.

Only available on a Windows 64-bit server only, it is not offered as a server option for any other operating system.

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