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SketchUp Legacy License Trade-In


SketchUp Pro Summer sale TRADE-IN PROMO


Save up to 15% on SketchUp Pro when Trading In

If you have an aging perpetual license, why not trade it in for a shiny new one?

Eligible legacy licenses of SketchUp Pro (not on current maintenance and support contracts) may be traded in for a discount on the equivalent number of new seats.




SketchUp Legacy License Trade in – FAQ


There are many  old SketchUp licenses out there, some in use, some lost forever… Sure, and older versions of SketchUp might still work pretty well, but have you thought of this?

Time moves so fast and many people are missing out on years of development.

We want customers to be on the latest and greatest version, using the most slickest new technology so that they’re really getting the most out of the software. With that in mind, this summer, we’re offering a legacy trade in promotion. This means that Trimble will provide a discount on new seats for those trading in their old licenses.



What is the promotion?

We’re offering the trade in of old SketchUp licenses by way of a discount on new seats. To take advantage of the offer, you must have an old license that has been either; uninstalled, lost access to, or if still actively using the older license.


When does the promo run?

Ends September 24th, 2018 – 15% discount on new seat sales


Which licenses are eligible?

Eligible license are those with an M&S contract that expired more than 3 years from the current date or older licenses purchased prior to the introduction of maintenance and support. Perpetual commercial licenses of SketchUp 4.0 through SketchUp Pro 2015 are included. It’s basically any licences that are currently non-upgradable.


Are network licenses included?

Yes, legacy network licenses can be traded in for new network seats.  If customers were lucky enough to have less than 5 seats originally, they WILL need to purchase at least a 5-seat network this time around.


Can a customer get a discount on a single to network conversion?

No, legacy single user licenses may not be converted into network seats.


Can a customer trade in an old 1 seat network license?

Yes, These are the lucky bunch, if a customer trades their 1 seat network license, Trimble will give them the full discount on a 5 seat network.


Can a customer get a discount on more seats than they are trading in?

No, for trade in on single user seats, it is a 1:1 offer, an equivalent number of eligible new for old seats. Trade in for network licenses is also 1:1 except where the customer had an old network license with fewer than 5 seats. In this case they will be required to buy 5 new seats and will receive a 20% discount on them all.


Can a customer still use their old license and get a discount on the new one?

No, after the “trade – in” the customer will no longer use the old license.


Can a customer trade in free versions of SketchUp 8?

No, only licenses that were actually purchased are eligible for the promotion.


Terms and conditions

until 24.09.18 through participating resellers only.

Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Purchases must be completed by 24.09.18. Licenses eligible for trade in are those for SketchUp 4.0 through SketchUp 2015 purchased prior to 03.09.14 and not on current maintenance and support contracts. Legacy license information and proof of ownership is required prior to purchase. Valid in UK and Ireland only. Non-transferrable.

Trimble Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify part or all of this promotion at any time without notice, for any reason in its sole discretion.

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