SU Podium and Vray for Sketchup

SketchUp Pro is tagged as one of the quickest and intuitive 3D tools, and proposes a brand-new experience for designers, architects and professionals. With its latest 2017 upgrades and featured characteristics, it has become a major investment. Two fastest solutions of SketchUp are SU Podium and VRay. Let’s read about them and update our knowledge:


Both Rendering solutions whilst they are very attractive and offer amazing results for professional visualisation, their price bands in their market place help newbie visualizers and

Mainstream designers and technologists with a budget driven solution to get started into the CGI world over and above SketchUp modelling. This saves businesses a lot of money where outsourcing CGI services can be avoided to take this fast and professional service inhouse.


VRay for Sketchup

V-Ray has a clean and easy-to-operate interface, and offers stream-lined controls. Focusing on creativity becomes easy with V-Ray. It is a fast rendering plugin, and takes full advantage of CPU and GPU computing for productive results. Read out the brand-new features:

  • It comes with a redesigned and user-friendly interface or UI.
  • Now drag and drop from a pool of 200 materials and get a better speed.
  • A latest addition, V-Ray Swarm is scalable, and adds to the productivity.
  • Denoiser helps to cut back the noise by 50%.
  • Creating quick sections and cutaways becomes easy with V-Ray Clipper option.
  • V-Ray allows adding a realistic depth within the whole atmospheric creation.
  • It is fast to operate, easy to design and gives a room for creativity within a detailed interface.
  • With CPU or GPU acceleration key, V-Ray delivers twin-engine performance.
  • It helps to fine-tune the design and enhances “global illumination” feature.
  • Using a wide range of built-in lights, add artificial brightness and lighting.
  • Designers can add natural daylight at any time or location with “Physical Sun & Sky” feature.
  • You can control/fine tune the exposure, white balance, depth, and textures and add proxy models of objects such as grass, cars etc.


SU Podium for Sketchup

SU Podium is a useful tool beneficial for designing and creating photo-realistic renders from their 3D models without much complexity. It has a simple interface, easy for beginners top grab hold of the overall concept, and in-built with latest technical advances. Here are certain features that have surely made this solution as one of the top choices:

  • SU Podium uses a picture-tracing algorithm for accurate results along with Global Illumination for real-time interactivity.
  • It has a Multi-Threading feature, where it uses all your processors (Dual/ Quad/ Eight).
  • It highly supports Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Podium Panorama feature allows you to add 360° equi-rectangular VR view.
  • SU Podium helps to induce interior lighting, background colours, omni-lights and sunlight.
  • It delivers a multi-processer 64 bit support for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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