Three-Part Webinar Series: SketchUp – from inception to completion

Join us for FREE as we ZOOM and orbit in our Three-part Webinar series
From Inception to Completion using SketchUp 2020!

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Webinar 1, Tues 5.5.20 @3pm-4pm:
Topics Covered: In session 1, Join James to take you through building
a basic 3D model with structure, walls, floors, ceilings, and glazing.

Webinar 2, Tues 6.5.20 @3pm-4pm:
Topics Covered: In session 2, we apply additional fixtures, fittings, photo match, and materials to our model..

Webinar 3, Tues 7.5.20 @3pm-4pm:
Topics Covered: In session 3, James demonstrates some advanced workflows, using powerful extensions,and prepares the model for presentation purposes with the end of session Q and A.

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