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3D Modeling: Depicting the future creatively


3D Modeling: Depicting the future creatively.

For those whose birth year falls in the 90’s must have by now seen the transformation of the reel graphics to the real graphics. In 1967, jungle book was one animated movie which was every kid’s priced possession. While we loved the friendship between Baloo and Mowgli back then, the remake in 2016 was categorized as an adventure where we saw Mowgli defeating Sher Khan amid a forest fire. All thanks to 3D modeling and 3D graphics, the adventure no more seemed a kid’s play and the audience that watched the movie was from age groups ranging from 4-40’s.

While Hollywood has been making good use of the technological advancements, the 3D modeling tools like Sketchup pro have been playing a major role in the civil, mechanical, Information technology and gaming fields. Following a few fields where people have been applying their skills in 3D modelling:

Interiors: After the dusk of complicated software’s, Sketchup pro came as a relief being an easy-to-learn tool with its intuitive abilities and intelligent features. Starting from having a 3D view of the place till the final phase of construction, it gives you a complete solution for your design documents and layouts. The one’s who use terminologies like ‘drafting’, ‘vector illustrations’ and ‘slide presentations’, you’ve got an intelligent assistant to compliment with SketchUp Pro

Entertainment: Hollywood has been leveraging 3D technology to its best. The effects and the stunts are unmatched with the lavish scenarios and real looking fiction.

Corporate world: The presentations have now been more interactive with the dawn of 3D modelling. Estimations, planning, execution and auditing models come to life with the presentation templates based on latest design features, giving the new look to existing information.

Education: The concept of fun learning is all about showing rather than just reading. The ‘How things work’ curiosity has brought the need of 3D modeling in the field of education, explaining kids the logics and tricks behind mathematics and science.

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