Kubity Features

Control. Present. It’s all at hand.

Give remote presentations on a big screen and control the model from your mobile device. 

Easily sync devices by scanning the QR code or enter the six-digit number displayed on the receiving computer.






















Design Smarter.

On-the-go solutions for visualizing 3D models in real life has never been easier. 

With true-to-scale augmented reality, you can understand design consequences in real-time. See a model’s size and functionality in a space with your own eyes by blending digital objects and information with the environment around you. All in a single click.


Virtual reality. Virtually anywhere.

Our simple VR solutions go where you do. Untether from your desk and explore models on-the-go right from your phone with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go (coming soon!) or our revolutionary glasses-free Magic Window.




Revit to SketchUp, Fast.

The one-click plugin that converts Revit projects to SketchUp models.

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Available for Autodesk Revit.
Just £88* per year, per user.
Fully featured trial offers 3 exports.
No credit card required.

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Geometry, materials, textures,
and linked models.


Your version of SketchUp


Exports ‘3D Views’ as ‘Scenes’ and ‘Families’ as ‘Groups & Layers’.


Location, Sun Settings, and personalized Render Appearance Paths.

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