ARCHLine.XP 2020 first Service Pack now available

We invite you to download ARCHLine.XP Build 257 the first Service Pack, which has incorporated the reported hotfixes (see below) and includes improvements based on customer feedback.

If you have already downloaded and installed the previous release of ARCHLIne.XP 2020 Build 179, we recommend that you still download this latest Build 257 so you can benefit from the improvements in this service pack.

Latest improvements:

-RTF export new elements types: Electrical and Worktop

-DWG export: Exporting room book data as block attributes

-EMF export is obsolete function that have been deprecated and removed

-Ribbon menu guide: Exports in HTML format all tooltips and it provides quick and always up to date document about the Ribbon menu commands

-MEP auto connection: If the size of the destination’s connector element is different than the size of the pipe then the program automatically adds a reducer

-MEP Colour override by system classification and sub-classification

-MEP Colour override dialog: “Save as global” to save changes valid for all projects.

-MEP Creating pipes/ducts and inserting object with connectors mutually inherit the first selected elements classification

-New command : Sync with ARCHLine LIVE The command updates the current model in LIVE (available with  ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020 version from May)

-MEP Ending cap  connector element matches with the pipe’s classification

-MEP New command: Divide to segments will divide pipe and duct polylines into single segments.

-Layer dialog: Visibility of deleted layers depends on a new switch. File – Options – User Interface – Show Deleted layers in Layer dialog

Bug fixes

-3D warehouse download method is updated to Trimble website new protocol – direct download function is available again.

-Faster Dwg import: Importing DWG files with a huge number of solids is faster by 35%

-Render: Material brightness can’t be under 10% because the render image would become black

-Render: Axonometric view representation error is fixed

-Updater: The updater removes every previously downloaded installer (except the last 2)

-MEP colour override by system classification (interface is coming soon)

-Visibility on multiple levels: Errors are fixed for columns and pipes

-Preselection is in synchronized  with the current selection and the local popup menu

Direct download (PROF and LT):



2020 New features download in PDF

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