Chaos Connected Workflows Sales Promo!

Connected Workflows (Chaos Bridge) promo campaign

Campaign Term: 22nd May – 25th June 2024.

The power of interoperability

Everyone wants more. Designers want more realistic designs. Archviz artists want to work faster and collaborate more effortlessly. And we all want more efficient workflows. And with Chaos visualization tools, you can have it all. We’ve made it easy to work across multiple software platforms, so collaboration is smooth and easy.

How does it work?

Chaos has enhanced the interoperability of their visualization tools, such as Enscape,
V-Ray, Vantage, through a standardized Chaos projects file format, .vrscene. This neat little package contains all model information, including assets, lights, materials, enabling easy transfer of design projects between CAD tools such as SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and DCC software including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.
With this cross-compatibility, you’ll experience advanced visualization capabilities with V-Ray, accelerated architectural design, and seamless workflows between architectural designers and artists across the AEC industry.

Offer 1: Individual Offer  – New Customers

Get 10% OFF for new V-Ray or Enscape licenses + 30 free exclusive furniture assets (£170 value)

Valid for new customers that have not had any V-Ray or Enscape in their license pool before, and are interested in purchasing only V-Ray or only Enscape.

Customers can get 1 or more Enscape or V-Ray licenses with a 10% end-user discount for the first year.

Eligible products for the 10% OFF discount: Enscape yearly floating/fixed, V-Ray Solo/Premium/Enterprise.

Offer 2: Bundle Offer  – (Bigger studios, existing customers)

Get 20% OFF on Enscape or V-Ray to connect your workflow.

Valid for new customers that purchase both products together – in this case, they can choose on the price of which to have the 20% discount applied.

Also valid for existing customers that already have any of the following: Enscape floating; V-Ray Premium/Enterprise

The eligible customers can get the 20% discount to buy the additional product that “connects their workflow”. I.e. if they have Enscape licenses already, they can get V-Ray with 20% off. And vice-versa.

Eligible products for the 20% OFF discount: Enscape yearly floating, V-Ray Premium/Enterprise.


The promo offers are not valid for renewals.

There is no limitation in the number of seats that can be sold via the promo.

Clients using both CAD/BIM tools (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino) and DCC tools (3ds Max, Cinema 4D)

And for clients only using one of the below for both design and visualization.

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