Enscape 3.4. out now!

A new version of Enscape is here! Say hello to Enscape 3.4.

With this release, there are a handful of valuable updates to existing features to continue elevating your design and visualization experience.

Improvements include the addition of categories to the Custom Asset Library, the ability to save sun positions per view, further editing of existing views, and enhanced mirror reflections. New interior assets and materials are also available, plus support for Archicad 26.

Explore Enscape 3.4 and benefit from:

◾ Categories for the Custom Asset Library, so you can easily organize and quickly find your custom assets

◾ The option to save sun positions in views so you can reproduce images with the same natural light conditions

◾ The ability to edit existing views so you no longer need to create a new view after a change in your settings

Please note:

  • For Revit, the camera position and zoom are still taken from the Revit view.
  • For Vectorworks, this functionality will follow shortly.

◾ Improved reflections for more realistic visualizations and better general global illumination

◾ Over 200 new interior-focused assets and more than 50 new materials to add a more polished look to your scenes

◾ Support for Archicad 26 and Chinese

To download a try – click here


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