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Profile Builder2 for SketchUp




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Build Intelligent Models with Profile Libraries


Lightspeed SketchUp modeling of smart building materials

Compatible with:

SketchUp 2018 compatible

Loaded with a ton of new and productive features, Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modeling to the next level.

Build, Edit and Quantify intelligent models of real building materials

Define and save custom Profiles

Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path

Full control of profile orientation along a path

NEW – Parametric Assemblies (Combine unlimited profiles and components into a path-based parametric model!)

NEW –  Set the height and width of any profile

NEW –  Profile browser and revamped user interface

NEW –  Profiles stay upright on helical paths

NEW –  Extend / Split Profile Member tool

NEW –  Revolve a Profile

NEW –  Trimming tools

NEW –  Smart-Path select Tool

NEW – Quantifier tool

NEW –  Instant Cost Estimates and Quantity Reports

NEW – Easier editing of paths

NEW –  Profiles are now stored as editable SKP files (but don’t worry – your custom Profile libraries from version 1 can be easily imported and automatically converted)

and much more!

Thousands of free profiles available:

AISC Steel Shapes (C, HSS, L, S, W)

British Steel Shapes

German Steel Shapes

Australian Steel shapes

AITC Glulam Profiles

more than 1400 Moulding Profiles



Concrete curbs

Model at light speed using Profile Builder 2!

Wall Styles


Easy Cornice and Skirtings


New Reporting and Cost Estimating Features 


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