Renderlights is the most advanced virtual reality software,supporting real time global illumination and many other sophisticated rendering features and fluent workflows.


“This is a quick study of light and material shader creation, The concept was to simulate as close as possible a real case scenario, in a couple hours, i was able to texture, Illuminate and decorate this scene, all models can be found at the 3d warehouse.

This scene contains a mix of self illuminated materials and a series of help lights located on strategic locations to simulate global illumination in a more convincing way, I hope you like it.

This animation contains 2375 frames, rendering time was 20 minutes, 5 minutes compile with virtual dub and 20 minutes upload to you tube, Within an hour you can get your video production ready.”

Douglas Triana – RENDERLights

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RENDERLights provides architects, visualization artists, designers and other professionals with a powerful virtual reality tool. Boasting an incredibly powerful and simple user interface, RENDERLights was designed from the ground up with the design industry in mind.


RenderLights is superior to most competing solutions, because it has:

  • An easy to use user interface.
  • Highly Automated workflow saving  unnecessary overheads such as extra work, effort and money.
  • Advanced Global Illumination and sophisticated lighting effects.
  • No need of expensive 3D modelling kits, just the CAD program of your choice


RenderLights supports the following features:

  • Real time global illumination
  • Real time environments
  • Real time shadows
  • Multiple light sources
  • Real time reflection maps

For Full 1.9 version New Features, General Improvements and Bug Fixes – Click Here 

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