Sketchup Pro 2017 Review

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Laced with advanced technical progressions, the all-new 2017 version of SketchUp Pro is gaining massive attention. It has been regarded as one of the reliable and competent software and modified with dynamic enhancements. Here are some quick reviews that highlight the latest features and their accessible functionality:

  • Designing & Tool Updates  

With this feature, you get better snapping tools, icons and inferencing. Now the rectangular axis-lock feature is quick and easy to use and allows using arrows on keyboards for better turn-out. ‘Perpendicular to Face’ tool is moderately a useful tool and can be accessed holding down the Shift key.

  • Graphics Pipeline

This feature has been introduced in SketchUp, SketchUp Mobile Viewer, LayOut and 3DWarehouse Viewer. The new version comes up with less “Bug Splats”, which results in better performance and delivery, qualified line structure and HiDPI compatibility.

  • Enhanced Transparency 

SketchUp has collectively shown improvements in rendering a certified sense of depth through better transparency. Now you can adjust opacity levels on the standard X-ray mode without an ounce of doubt.

  • “Colour Blind” Style

This feature has been the most helpful with people suffering from colour blindness. Users can now modify colour schemes in SketchUp Pro and LayOut for productive output using the default ‘Colour Blind’ style on the Styles window.

  • “Groups to Components” Creation

The software has been a moderated tool with an ease of access towards adding relevant elements through ‘Create Component’ option. It has been said to be a beneficial add-on and allows users to render projects quickly.

  • Operating System Dynamics

2017 now supports Apple’s Sierra OS, but has dropped 32bit support to Microsoft Windows.

  • Proficient Batch Export to dwg/dxf 
  1. Create any visual with a reliable structure in a better format in LayOut
  2. Multiple page support
  3. No more queries or issues regarding paper and model space
  4. Native CAD entity support
  5. Quick colouring through layer support


  • All new “Extension Manager”

Now control and manage Extensions using the all new Extension Manager. You can easily toggle custom tools on and off or uninstall directly without any due. With the 2017 version, you will stay updated with alerts popping up at the window’s bottom.

  • New in the 3D Warehouse

For All Users:

  1. Improved Catalogue Browser
  2. Enriched performance and less page loading time
  3. Updated 3D viewer

For BPMs: (Business Process Modelling)

  1. Improved analytics
  2. Bulk content manager
  3. Added Program notes
  4. Content Developer Program for 3DW

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