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SketchUp Advanced

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SketchUp Advanced Training

SketchUp is a powerful tool for communicating 3D design concepts in professional workflows. The advanced topics course is designed for experienced SketchUp users who want to investigate advanced topic areas including working with CAD, creating curved surfaces and employing advanced presentation techniques for SketchUp models. Detailed instruction in the use of  LayOut for print presentations is provided. SketchUp’s strength is its ability to integrate with other systems. Participants will be given a thorough review of the entire design environment.

Prior Skills
To be successful in this course, you should already be able to:
• Define create basic geometric forms, including polygons, arcs and use more advanced features such as the FOLLOW-ME tool and TEXTURE TWEAKER.
• Use Groups and Components to isolate geometry, know the difference between a group and a component and understand component inferencing behaviour and how to edit a component.
• Create materials and use the materials browser and libraries.
• Understand how to apply SketchUp Styles.
• Users should also have basic familiarity with use of LayOut for creating presentations.

We recommend that participants in the advanced topics course, have already completed the Essentials One and Two courses and have several weeks of modelling experiencing with SketchUp. We do not recommend that students attempt to complete the course immediately after completion of another SketchUp training class.

You will need a basic 3-button scroll wheel mouse to use SketchUp efficiently.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
• Import and Export CAD
• Entourage and working with 3D Warehouse
• Understand and employ Extensions
• Create and manipulate Curved Forms
• Photomatch from multiple images and integrate a model into a site photograph
• Leverage Advanced Presentation Techniques
• Show off a model on Add Location Maps
• Understand photorealistic rendering options
• Understand the uses of the Section Tool
• Efficiently organise groups, components, and layers to increase model performance

  • Trimble Connect
  • Make compelling presentations with LayOut

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