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Thea for SketchUp: Full Support of SketchUp 2019.2

We are happy to announce that Altair has released a new version of Thea for SketchUp that is fully compatible with the new SketchUp 2019.2…


  • SketchUp 2019.2 full support
  • Large model opens faster now when the plugin is already opened
  • Plugin opening takes same amount of time regardless of active model complexity
  • ESC key closes texture properties
  • Accelerated display and Stereoscopic views work back again
  • SU2019: Hidden materials coming from deleted image can be edited now
  • Caustics is enabled by default in AMC
  • When a ghost material coming from a deleted Image cannot be edited material name is marked red
  • Win: Fixed issue with cancelling Bitmap texture file dialog – it was re-opening until a bitmap was selected
  • Changed texture selector behaviour when there is already a bitmap texture specified – it allows a different bitmap selection now
  • Win: PSD output works back again with unicode characters in a file name
  • License Wizard opens now without initializing the plugin
  • Mac Installer: added missing Plugin signature to make it signed in Extensions Manager
  • Mac: Thea Engine log is saved in the same folder as session log (/tmp/Thea4SU/)

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