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Thinking Three dimensional: Sketchup Pro

Since the world is moving towards a three dimensional vision, putting across your drawings as models as interactive designs is no more a new thing. A lot of tools in the market are striving to bring you an easy interface and a package with every possible feature. Amidst the rush, sketchup pro stands strong with what is called the ‘standard package’ along with the latest market updates.

Some of the features of Sketchup pro are:

  • Ability to customize the interface so that it resembles your style of working.
  • Walkthrough animations: A way to create a detailed view of your work integrated with shadows and reflections, just like a realistic display. It can be shared with desired audience.
  • 3D print: Printing a model created with Sketchup pro is also easy using a 3D printer.
  • It also allows importing of files from other 3D modeling tools or image editing software’s.
  • Presenting your work with the help of full screen presentations using LayOut.

Moving ahead, Sketchup pro comes in three different variants:

Sketchup Pro

With sketchup pro, you can draw plans, elevations, details, and much more with ‘Layout’. You can turn your model into animated walkthroughs and flyovers in order to explain details better. Also, the edits made to the model reflect in the document.

Sketchup Free

This is known to be the most simple, free 3D modeler available. By free we mean we don’t need a subscription charge in order to access the tool. With just some space required to draw, it is free from a thousand of buttons and n-number of dropdowns to facilitate drawing.

You can simply load it into a modern web browser on any operating system and start using it. It does not have version updates to be followed; your browser loads the latest version.

Sketchup for Schools

For kids studying in primary and secondary schools, sketchup is available in web browsers in schools signed up with ‘G Suite for education’. It is integrated with Google drive and Google classroom.

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