Webinars 1 to 3 SketchUp – “from inception to completion”

Community feedback time!

Webinars 1 to 3 SketchUp – “from inception to completion” with James Ogston of SEEIT3D on 5th to 7th May


Firstly, we would like to say a big belated thanks to all those that registered and attended our recent Webinar series “from inception to completion”.

We had an overwhelming response and apologies for the later than expected feedback, However, we are sure you will be happy to receive this update now and jump back in to review our webinar sessions plus take advantage of some special offers as mentioned during the seminar!

We are really pleased with the feedback received and it is great to know that our three, one-hour overview sessions made a difference. Feedback from some of you expressed regaining SketchUp excitement and a feeling of a fresher alternative workflow using SketchUp. At Seeit3D it has been of ultimate importance to convey the best working practices
to each and every client we do business with so thank you again.

Webinar topic

Our choice of webinar topic was driven by the idea to perform a sustainable and robust SketchUp workflow, which to many users is still misunderstood and unclear. From learning in the early SketchUp years
of its original creators @LastSoftware, we are grateful to have learned the best basic SketchUp model building methodology and to pass on this system workflow as intended for basic to advanced workflows.
Utilize 3D using SketchUp’s the out of the box SketchUp toolsets first, before speeding your workflow using powerful extensions. Once you realize the swift workflow involving a thorough model organization, you very quickly become a master of controlling SketchUp’s infamous “sticky” geometry behaviors to avoids it coming back to bite you!

Then, you move on and work with some amazing extensions saving more time along the way. This is the main hidden objective however it is easily unfolded by a good SketchUp solutions expert.

Sustainable Modelling

This “sustainable” model building skills displayed by James has many advantages. It nicely helps the user to build proper model organization and manipulation of the model at any time whilst benefiting from improved component naming and tagging control. This is equally important when importing models into LayOut or, sharing with others.

This A, B, C workflow, was presented using SketchUp Pro 2020.1 new maintenance release so if you haven’t yet updated or downloaded it yet, it’s a good time to grab it in here.

“During the design process from early concept to completion, the transition from 2D to 3D must be quick and conceptually adaptable, with a smooth and enjoyable 3D SketchUp journey to build more detail when desired.”

Concept Sketch

The webinar model design was influenced by its natural surroundings and in particular, the breath-taking benefits of the vista views were of prime importance.

The concept is illustrated in SketchUp using 2D sketchy linework. We then create what we call an organized 2D ` jigsaw’ plan representation of the base design. After that, we then form the simple 3D object model quickly evolving from the 2D Jigsaw, then to ad more detail
using SketchUp tools like Push-Pull, Follow Me, the Steel structure, walls, floors, roofs, doors windows, and stairs including Dynamic Components are formed.

We then drop in some invaluable extensions, such as CleanUp, Shell,

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Profile Builder 3, Flextools along the way, and not forgetting to provide some scale to the 3D design, 2D-People.com stylish component models are added. Finally, a brief introduction to Trimble Connect explained in more detail later, finally led us to open up our first competition and the winner has been announced below.

Competition winner!

After a good Q&A session we announced a live webinar competition.
We are glad to announce the winner!

Marie Mullen – Senior Architect, smashed it by sending in a very quick and accurate response to our Webinar Competition questions ..

  1. in SketchUp 2020… Describe what a nested component is?
  2. in SketchUp 2020… what are the benefits of Color by TAG?

Well done Marie.

We are looking forward to arranging your FREE 8 hr ONLINE training session with us.

After many of you have been jumping to grab access to our successful
webinar videos, They are now available on our YouTube site.

Enjoy, share, and like – plus stay safe! 🙂

Thank you

Webinar recordings



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