What Can You Use SketchUp For?

If you’re looking into 3D modelling training at the moment, you’ve probably already come across the SketchUp software program, an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for a huge variety of different purposes.

There are all sorts of features that the software boasts, including the ability to build 3D models, import and export CAD and PDF files, geo-locate models, produce construction drawings, create multi-page presentation sets, work with simulated film cameras, make hand-drawn rendering styles, use terrain and satellite imagery with geo-located models and a whole lot more.

Which means that there are many different people working in many different jobs who could benefit from knowing how to use this particular program. For example, if you’re a furniture designer you can use it to sketch your interior design ideas out using the 3D drawing tool. There’s also a 2D drawing function so once you’ve finished sketching you can make use of the walkthrough function to see how your pieces of furniture will fit together.

Or you can take a leaf out of the WIRED Lab book and use it to create models of old buildings that no longer exist to assist in the construction newer ones – simply by transforming them into 3D models.

And, interestingly, developer Trimble recently released the SketchUp Viewer – an app for the Microsoft HoloLens that allows you to experience your designs in a new way by using the holographic functions of the HoloLens. Hologram versions of 3D models can now be placed in real-world environments so you can analyse how buildings will react to various stimuli in the design stage.


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