What’s New

ZWCAD 2024
ZWCAD 2024

What’s New


Speed up your workflow with Flexiblock that contains parameters and actions. Plus, It can be created or edited to fit your needs.

Point Cloud

Process point cloud data in ZWCAD easily to improve design accuracy. You can attach, manage, and edit them such as cropping and creating section plans.

Efficiency Improvement

You can open, view, edit and save files faster thanks to multi-threading optimization, hardware acceleration and incremental save.

Quick Properties Panel

View and edit properties easily with Quick Properties Panel. The panel can be customized to fit your needs.

DGN Files Attachment

DGN files can be attached for easy interaction with upstream companies. Plus, they can be edited like creating clip boundaries and editing layers.

3D Orbit Mode Improvement

Change a 3D entity’s shape easily by dragging the grips.

Mtext Improvement

Process text faster and more accurately with functions like Numbering, Column Breaks, and Spelling Check.

File Compare Improvement

Compare files more efficiently with new functions like Export Snapshot, Hide Differences, and Import Objects.

Area Table

Automatically generate area tables in just a few steps. Area tables can be customized to fit your needs.

Xref Layer Override

You can override the layers of an external reference drawing to avoid interference with the current drawing.

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