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SEEIT3D are the premium 3D design software-hardware sales and professional training business in the United Kingdom. We also offer Professional 3D Modelling and Visualisation services and specialise in providing the best in-class 3D professional design presentation and CAD/BIM and rendering software, Computer Graphics Imagery and Virtual Reality Animation solutions to the Film and Entertainment world, Contractors and Construction Developers, Local Authorities, Architecture and Interior Design firms, Kitchen Designers,Woodworkers, Stonemason’s, Inventors,Landscape and Garden Designers and also Academic Design Students and anyone requiring to communicate the best and most efficient and effective graphical communication processes and CGI possible whilst driving and improving their business to better success with recognised profits.

For anyone who requires the best software or hardware solutions look no further. We have the answers and they continue to successfully deliver the correct professional and affordable solutions to satisfy every aspect of our clients design environment.

Our professional portfolio of  3D design solutions match no other and realising our product range capabilities and built in affordability, we know this is exactly what you need in today’s ever changing technology markets.We offer the successful delivery of flexible and powerful software and dedicated PC-MAC hardware, a complete 3D computer system tailored to suit your needs,global accredited professional training,consultancy and support to clients and professionals wishing to fulfil that 3D goal and confidently stay ahead of others.

Our AEC and BIM technology workflows using a combination of computerised 2D drafting, 3D modelling and visualisation approaches convincingly enhances your design and construction workflows to Government and premium BIM standards and we provide full support in today’s AEC market.

SEE-IT-3D offer affordable training and support options to your business. Supporting our clientèle enables them to flourish and by utilising our new technologies and expertise, this will greatly improve any office design teams 3D CAD and graphical communication skills to the highest expected standards. Not to forget the highest quality of presentations follow from this as an extension of your initial idea and the clear message is realised and enjoyed within your capabilities using our product portfolio options. You will convincingly deliver a lead in the highest quality of service working with us.

SEEIT3D has a recognisable mission to present precise 3D CAD-BIM and 3D presentation tools to any business or individual at an affordable and competitive margin against alternative products that not only will break the bank but are too complex in their learning process and provide less end result for a client. Invest in SEEIT3D and not only will you receive the best sales and support today but also we can prove and offer you great savings against your yearly overheads by applying our expert knowledge to streamline your day to day design tasks. Look further with us to further enhance your current high quality presentations by unleashing much higher standards and techniques for your clients with our guidance.As our satisfied client portfolio continues to grow, we are fully committed to provide the best technology solutions to small,medium and large sized businesses in UK and overseas.Importantly,our standard and tailored packages brings recognised profit and success to any clients business plus, with the added advantage to build strong business relationships around our services to justifiably win in the ever changing marketplace.we gain greatly by understanding your current strengths,weaknesses and expertise so that we customise the correct solutions, backed up with very strong software developer relationships and you experience delivered professionalism and peace of mind when introducing a new software investment to your design world.

For specialist training, we are the first professional training business that continues to deliver the very best training techniques and skill-sets accompanied by training events running across major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and across Wales, Ireland and Europe.

Additionally,our UK live, onsite and online training and support services continue to expand across the UK and Internationally and we have privileged industry experience to fulfil this as premiering our unique training approaches since 2004. This training service is enjoyed by all participants who experience classroom, onsite or online web training using the best personal focus and attention for any online collaboration. We also don’t let your Geographic location come between us.So whether you are a student of design, a design professional and business owner or part or a large national or overseas business,we are your best answer for assisting you.We are uniquely focused on where and how tomorrows designs and clients deadlines are positioned and completely relative to your future business capabilities using our technologies together with your design office staff skill requirements. We strive to provide best quality and maximum return to your business model.

Our highly skilled approaches proves that we always work closely with designers and associated parties and we have confidently delivered amazing performance models by being involved in working deeply in the Architectural,Engineering and Construction (AEC) arena for 33 years.

We professionally support any digital user,client and the traditional designer to receive instant feedback from drawing with instant digital versions of the original hand drawing technique even if they are not from a CAD background.

Finally, we strongly believe that we are best placed to both confidently and thoroughly move your business forward and satisfy your invested interest in today’s technology with our help.You can believe in our quality of the services that we provide is second to none. It is with these services and product knowledge that we congratulate existing and potential new clients  with the highest recognition from our design software developers and distributors globally.

For all products and services that we offer, please refer to the relevant pages for further information. 

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