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Real-time rendering & virtual reality that brings your visual exploration directly into your modeling tools so you can focus on creating, designing, and building.

What’s new in Enscape?

Version 3.4 –  Out Now!

Say hello to Enscape 3.4 and its many feature updates and workflow improvements! With our latest version, we are fine-tuning some of your favourite features to further streamline your workflow and elevate your design experience.

Explore Enscape 3.4 and benefit from:

◾ Categories for the Custom Asset Library, so you can easily organize and quickly find your custom assets

◾ The option to save sun positions in views so you can reproduce images with the same natural light conditions

◾ The ability to edit existing views so you no longer need to create a new view after a change in your settings

◾ Improved reflections for more realistic visualizations and better general global illumination

◾ Over 200 new interior-focused assets and more than 50 new materials to add a more polished look to your scenes

◾ Support for Archicad 26 and Chinese

Enscape 3.4 brings you updates to existing features so you can further enhance your designs and streamline your workflow. Create your own categories for the Custom Asset Library, save sun positions in views and easily update them,  improved reflections, and elevate design scenes with new interior assets and materials.

Categories for Custom Asset Library

Get organized and structure your imported custom assets with the brand-new categories feature! Save time by filtering for assets in your Custom Asset Library and find the one you want quicker.

Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

Want to re-use a sun position you spent time and effort perfecting? You can now save sun positions in your views, making it easier to reproduce an image with the same natural light conditions.

Update Views

Fine-tune camera and sun positions for existing saved views. This time-saving feature frees you from having to create new views every time you wish to adjust one.

Interior Design Assets & Materials

Liven up interior projects with 210 new assets and 52 new materials. Select from a range of assets such as home fixtures, appliances, and accessories and materials such as wallpapers, wood, and tiles

Improved Reflections

Create visualizations with improved reflections on mirrored surfaces. The reflections in windows or interior mirrors will be more complex and have more details.

Enscape 3.4 Benefits

Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings and achieve first-class quality in designs with the new Enscape features.

Categories for Custom Asset Library

  • With Enscape’s real-time technology, your project is visualized as a fully rendered 3D walkthrough which can be navigated and explored from every angle, during any time of day. With the live link between Enscape and your CAD program, you can follow every update to your plan instantly. UseNVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling support to improve performance in walkthroughs. Add Enscape to your workflow to give yourself more time to create and innovate. 

Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

  • Use new slider controls and input fields for more accurate sun positions
  • Easily add the final touches to natural light and relate it to each view

Update Views

  • Save time by no longer needing to create new views
  • Capture the best angle for final presentations by easily adjusting views

Interior Design Assets & Materials

  • Assess the functionality of an interior space with the right assets
  • Reduce time spent looking for materials online for your interior project

Improved Reflections

  • Enjoy more detailed reflections in your design scenes
  • Impress clients and win work with realistic-looking visualizations

Enscape 14 Day Trial or Update

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    Supported Solutions

    Required CAD/BIM Software

    The Enscape 3.3 plug-in is provided for the following host applications:

    • Revit (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023)*
    • SketchUp (2019, 2020, 2021**, and 2022)
    • Rhino (6.0 and 7.0)
    • Archicad (22, 23, 24, 25, and 26)
    • Vectorworks (2020 (Service Pack 3), 2021, 2022 (Service Pack 3))

    Enscape is not provided as a plugin for Revit LT  because Revit only allows the addition of third-party plugins in the the full version of the software. This is a limitation set by Autodesk.

    **Also available for Apple macOS.

    On Windows, the Enscape plugin will be installed for all of the above listed host applications by default unless otherwise specified by the user during the installation process. This means you do not require a dedicated installer specific to each individual host application, and you can specify which CAD or CAD’s you want to install Enscape for during the installation procedure.

    NOTE: The Apple macOS version of Enscape is currently only available for SketchUp 2021 users until further notice.

    Note: There are conflicts with two other Revit plugins: Colorizer and Techviz. To avoid incompatibilities, please uninstall them before using Enscape.

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