Real-time rendering & virtual reality that brings your visual exploration directly into your modeling tools so you can focus on creating, designing, and building.

What’s new in Enscape?

Version 3.1 – Materialize Your Ideas

Enjoy the latest Enscape version and create exceptional designs with features such as the brand-new Material Library and the Material Editor Overhaul. Achieve high-quality renderings with NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Support and use the Panorama Gallery to curate better presentation experiences. Plus, so much more!

Material Library

The foundation of a beautiful rendering is its materials, and with the brand-new Material Library, you’re set to have the right ones. Access more than 200 predefined materials to communicate your design aesthetic.

Material Editor Overhaul

Enjoy a renewed Material Editor. With an updated interface, and new and enhanced functions added, such as Import/Export Materials, smoothly navigate your way around the feature as you fine-tune materials.

Panorama Gallery

Curate an experience for your client with the Panorama Gallery. Available on the web UI, share and group Panoramas to better express your ideas and to communicate your story more clearly.

Support for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)

This deep learning neural network technology allows you to render at a lower resolution. This increases frame rates but still generates sharp frames that can go beyond native resolution rendering.

Enscape 3.1 Benefits

Materialize your ideas with the new Enscape features. Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings and achieve first-class quality in your designs.

Material Library

  • Save time by not having to search for maps and material
  • Enhance realism in projects with this beginner-friendly feature

Material Editor Overhaul

  • Tweak materials with new functions such as Albedo Color and Material Type
  • Benefit from improved icons and controls as well as map tabs for more space

Panorama Gallery

  • Deliver impeccable presentations to get instant buy-in
  • Have more than one panorama accessible at any given time

Support for NVIDIA DLSS

  • Boost frame rates and maximize rendering quality and performance
  • Use the latest generation of high-res head-mounted displays with Enscape

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