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Seeit3D has been a SketchUp specialist UK reseller and authorized training company for 24 years now. We come from a design background and successfully sell our portfolio brands, train, and provide expert consultancy services around the SketchUp ecosystem including customization and extension support our customer base covers the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Our services include software sales and teaching to design students of further educational establishments, design professionals in all fields of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and businesses and individuals wishing to brand and market their vision to stand out and make a huge impression on existing and future potential clients.

SketchUp Pro New Features & 2023 SketchUp Update

SketchUp 2023 is here with New and improved cross-functionality across CAD & BIM Programs

Welcome to the next generation of creative exploration; updates for 2023 deliver the fastest, easiest, most native interoperable modelling experience yet. Trimble is connecting two core tools in the industry: SketchUp & Revit! The Revit Importer elevates SketchUp’s Studio subscription, while tangible improvements to core tools boost workflows in the desktop application. Indulge in SketchUp 2023’s powerful toolset for your next built masterpiece. Plus, there are two new scale figures to celebrate the new design year – Heather and her fierce but sweet cat, Lily. 

Brand New Revit Importer

Many SketchUp customers are using our tools alongside other BIM and CAD software. Over time we have received multiple requests for improving the interoperability workflows between SketchUp and these other tools, especially Revit so that transitioning from one tool to another becomes frictionless. 

We, therefore, decided to investigate some potential solutions starting with looking at ways to improve how Revit files are imported inside SketchUp. We are pleased to announce that we now have a Revit Importer as part of Studio subscription (Windows-only feature).

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Release Notes

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Let’s check out the 2023 highlights

What’s New in SketchUp 2023?

  • Windows Common Installer – A new installation experience with more options, including Studio features.
  • Revit Importer – Speaking of Studio, Studio subscribers can now easily import Revit files into their SketchUp models.
  • Flip Tool – The new Flip tool makes it simpler to invert selections and create symmetry, replacing SketchUp’s Flip Along commands.
  • Large Model Saving Efficiency – Save big models with improved efficiency using multithreading technology.
  • Overlays– Developers can now create extensions that can persist while using other native SketchUp tools and functions. We call this an Overlay. The new Overlays panel can help you manage extensions designed with this capability.
  • Various Modelling updates and improvements including new Select options, freehand tool updates, and improvements to the Axes tool.

What’s New in LayOut 2023

  • DWG References – You can now manage inserted .dwg files as references, just like with SketchUp files.
  • Custom Rotation Start Angle – Define a custom start angle for rotating selected entities.
  • Tag Visibility Improvements – We’ve added the ability to discreetly override styles across multiple viewports, separating line styles from other styles.
  • Per-page Sequence Autotext – Sequenced auto-text can now be either per page or per document.
  • Viewport Improvements – We’ve improved camera predictability for viewports by setting the Pan tool as the default tool when activating the Edit 3D View and fine-tuning the “Preserve scale on resize” option.

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Our sales, support, product knowledge and 3D professional consultancy services are marked higher than many out there and notably, drive all of us to long-term 3D successful relationships. Repeat business and new ventures are continually energizing us to help you Seeit3D.

Enables novel interoperability via a one-directional import option from Revit to SketchUp so that you can smoothly navigate the design development and construction documentation phases.

  1. Connects two core industry tools
  2. Preserves model integrity by translating Revit families into components and groups
  3. Creates a smoother transition between the design development and construction documentation phases

Removes barriers to creative expression and exploration in an intuitive and extendable 3D modelling environment so that you can capture and develop your ideas.

  1. Efficient 3D modeling
  2. Extensible capabilities via 3rd party plug-ins
  3. Pre-built 3D model library

Provides precise context detail for accurate model development via extensive import/export options, including satellite imagery and industry files such as images, PDFs, DWGs, IFC, and point clouds.

Provides enhanced visual outputs such as high-quality renders, 360° panoramas, and animations through industry-standard rendering tools so that you can present to project stakeholders, get consensus or win new work.

SketchUp users often work with Revit files beyond the initial concept design phase. The current workarounds for bringing in.RVT files to SketchUp are confusing and time-consuming.

With the new addition of a Revit Importer in SketchUp Studio, you can experience a simple, frictionless transition from Revit to SketchUp.

This one-click solution offers a path to accurately convert Revit projects to SketchUp models more efficiently than existing IFC and DWG imports. The clean translation of objects cuts out hours, if not days, for cleaning up models compared to previous import options.

According to Carl Goodiel, a VDC Manager at Hensel Phelps, one of North America’s largest general contractors, SketchUp’s Revit importer speeds up his workflow from a couple of days to less than a day.

This functionality does not require that SketchUp users have a Revit license, broadening the opportunity for multiple stakeholders with diverse tools to collaborate.

SketchUp 2023 in a nutshell:

  1. The Revit Importer will enable SketchUp users to collaborate more efficiently with project stakeholders who use Revit to create deliverables.
  2. The Revit Importer preserves model structures between both tools. Revit families and categories translate to components and tags respectively in SketchUp, ensuring clear communication and smoother collaboration.
  3. By moving a Revit model back into the SketchUp 3D environment, designers can quickly iterate and develop details with tools for creativity.
  4. By using the Revit importer to bring native.RVT files into SketchUp, users will save time because of the quick and accurate import.
  5. Say goodbye to triangulation hell! The imported Revit file is automatically optimized for easier geometry manipulation in SketchUp and a significant reduction in file size.
  6. Revit materials’ colours and transparencies are respected during import to accelerate visualization workflows in SketchUp.
  7. Revit levels are automatically translated to SketchUp Sections to easily navigate across your imported model. 
  8. The Revit Importer is a native functionality that does not require a separate add-on.

Revit Requirements

  • The Revit Importer is a Windows-only functionality
  • No Revit license or installation is needed for making use of the importer 
  • To use any .rvt and/or file of version 2011 and later
  • You will need a commercial Studio or a trial license to activate the importer

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