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Click the image to gain access to our 7-Day SketchUp 2024 Trial
Click the image to gain access to our 7-Day SketchUp 2024 Trial

Your SketchUp UK official reseller and authorised training provider – Introduction

Seeit3D has been a SketchUp specialist UK reseller and authorized training company for 24 years now. We come from a design background and successfully sell our portfolio brands, train, and provide expert consultancy services around the SketchUp ecosystem including customization and extension support our customer base covers the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Our services include software sales and teaching to design students of further educational establishments, design professionals in all fields of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and businesses and individuals wishing to brand and market their vision to stand out and make a huge impression on existing and future potential clients. We have a great track record in providing SketchUp sales, support and authorised/ tiilored training. Click here for reviews and further testimonials – click here

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New graphic engine in SketchUp for Desktop

The new and modern infrastructure offers substantial improvements in model load speed when you orbit, zoom and pan. Users will see an option to toggle the new engine on or off based on their hardware and system*. Out of 100 tests, the average performance boost was an 8.4x increase in FPS rendering.

*These performance improvements are dependent on the user’s device.

New experimental graphic engine [LABS] in LayOut

LayOut’s new graphics engine brings a more modern infrastructure and improves performance on file navigation and responsiveness. This is a LABS feature, available to all subscribers to test. The experimental graphics engine is off by default. Users can enable it in Preferences > Performance.

Scan-to-Design [Labs] Available on SketchUp for iPadOut

Gather context and as-built conditions efficiently with a powerful new LiDAR-scanning feature on SketchUp for iPad. Scan existing spaces and watch as SketchUp transforms your scan data into a clean, organized SketchUp model that you can use as an immediate starting point for your design to communicate with ease. This is a LABS feature, available to all subscribers. 


Confidently share your vision directly from SketchUp, and see your designs in a whole new way.

Ambient Occlusion

Available on SketchUp for Desktop and iPad; style visible in LayOut and on the 3D Warehouse 

A new style setting that adds visual emphasis to corners and edges, Ambient Occlusion increases perceived depth and realism within the SketchUp interface.

Our sales, support, product knowledge and 3D professional consultancy services are marked higher than many out there and notably, drive all of us to long-term 3D successful relationships. Repeat business and new ventures are continually energizing us to help you Seeit3D.

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