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SU Podium


SU Podium Version 2.5x for SketchUp

Easy to learn, beautiful, photo-realistic rendering. Bring your drawings to life faster than ever.



Why should I use SU Podium?

SU Podium uses a high-end, biased raytracing engine combined with a physical sky system and a set of carefully calibrated presets to make SketchUp rendering straightforward and enjoyable. Our workflow philosophy has always been to simplify the rendering process, and help you get from SketchUp scene to beautiful photorealistic image as efficiently as possible, and amaze your clients in the process.

SU Podium – The Main Product                                                     SU Podium – V2.5+ New Features

SU Podium for SketchUp V2.5xClick for costs

SU Podium V2.5X is compatible to SketchUp 2018, 2107, 2016, 2015 or 2014 Win/Mac.

SketchUp 8 or 2013 is not supported

SU Podium V2.5.5 + is now ready for SketchUp Pro 2018 – Download here

Uninstall first: Before you install a new version of SU Podium, you should uninstall previous versions from your machine.

Please download the appropriate uninstall utility here:



Podium for SketchUp Specification Requirements

ProWalker v1.1.5 has been released

ProWalker v1.1.5 is out of beta and has been released as a stable build.

This is a significant update with several improvements to ProWalker’s animation tools and workflow. Additionally, this version fixes the LEM Power mismatch between SU Podium and ProWalker GPU, and adds an “LEM Strength” slider to the lighting interface for making real-time adjustments to light emitting material brightness. Find a full overview of new features beneath the download:



BUY ProWalker GPU v1.1.5

Download ProWalker GPU v1.1.5

The following tools and features have been added in the V1.1.5 update:

  • Fade and crossfade transitions – Transition smoothly between scenes and motion paths, without the need for an external video editor.
  • Animate shadows – ProWalker can now read date/time from your SketchUp scenes, allowing smooth shadow animation to show the passage of time.
  • More intuitive control over camera speed – You can now set an exact duration for a motion path instead of using inches/second to set camera speed.
  • Keyframe easing – Camera motion can ease-in and ease-out at the beginning and end of a motion path, for smoother camera movements.
  • Improved LEM support – Light emitting material brightness now matches SU Podium more closely, and an LEM strength slider has been added.
  • Designate render mode, speed, and quality for each keyframe – When rendering animations with multiple motion paths, you can now set the render mode on a per-bath basis.This means you can switch between render modes for different scenes of your video, adjust the sample count/quality for each shot, and speed up/slow down the camera for each path.



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