What’s new in Moi3D V4

V4 underwent a major rewrite from V3 to get to a cross-platform codebase.

64-bit builds for both Windows and Mac.

Native Mac build, compatible with new operating systems.

Multi-core processing for opening CAD files – Loading objects from 3DM, STEP, IGES, and SAT files will now use multiple CPU cores for processing objects being loaded resulting in a major speed increase.

Display engine updated to make use of modern GPUs with lots of VRAM – display data is now cached in the GPU’s VRAM which results in faster redraw speed for large files.

Polygon Sub-d surface to NURBS conversion method, available on the side pane under SubD > Create > From file. This allows you to open an .obj file that contains a sub-d control polygon cage and have it converted to a high-quality NURBS object in MoI.
This enables a hybrid workflow where you can make a base surface for an object in a sub-d modeling program and then bring it into MoI to continue working on it with CAD tools.

3Annotation objects – add dimensions and text to your model to use for 2D documentation using 7 new commands in the Dim tab on the side pane.
The DimHorizontal command creates a linear dimension going in the x-axis direction of the construction plane:

The DimVertical command creates a linear dimension going in the y-axis direction of the construction plane:

The DimAligned command creates a linear dimension going in any direction on the construction plane:

The DimRadius command creates a radial dimension on a circle or arc curve:

The DimAngle command creates an angular dimension on the construction plane:

The Leader command creates a leader object which is a text label with an arrow:

The AnnotationText command creates an annotation text object which is a text box by itself, no arrows:

New Detailed object properties dialog. Gives additional information about the object type and allows for calculating the length of curves, the surface area or volume of a surface or solid and adjust properties for annotation objects.

DXF import – support reading layers and import/export of dimension entities. Import of TEXT, MTEXT, LEADER, and DIMENSION (linear, angular, radius/diameter sub types) is now supported. MoI will export dimensions to MTEXT, LEADER, and DIMENSION enties.

Added circumference field in addition to radius/diameter for circle drawing commands.

Added length field to ArcCenter command.

Implement sizing of the scene browser pane by dragging on its edge.

Update FBX export – FBX version, object names, and materials. Add option for which FBX version to use under Options dialog > Import/Export > FBX options > FBX version. Object names are now written to the FBX files instead of only generic “object1”, “object2”, … names and styles are now written as materials in the FBX export.

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