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When SEEIT3D projects are finished, clients are kind enough to share feedback on our working relationship.We are proud to provide just a few appreciated remarks..

Really wish I had found you from the beginning, as you have a lovely teaching manner and are so knowledgeable about how to get the best use out of SketchUp Pro and Layout. The way you have set up the training remotely is really is an
an excellent way to learn and improve, it’s like being in the same room with the teacher looking over your shoulder!
This setup also has the added bonus of distance not being an issue.I look
 forward to furthering remote training sessions with you as the need arises and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone that wants to improve their skills or those starting from scratch with SketchUp Pro, to get in touch with you and arrange remote training, tailored to their individual needs.

Thrity – TM Garden Design

James is the most patient and calm trainer. He gives clear instructions and has been very generous with his time. I started my 3-day course having already practiced with 2D drawing, layout, and a little bit of 3D ( I did the online basic Sketchup tutorials & YouTube videos). I could use most of the tools but was unaware of the importance of workflow, layers, components. I learned a huge amount in the 3 days, as well as the workflow, how to build up a model from scratch, lots of shortcuts, building a library, drawing in SketchUp from imported architects’ CAD drawings. I thoroughly recommend James and will definitely get more training from him when I need to in the future.

K Coltart – KC Designs

Earlier this year a team of urban designers & landscape architects from Sunderland City Council  had the pleasure of completing the Sketchup and Artlantis training programs with James Ogston of See-it-3D.  From our first telephone conversation through to completion, James was extremely helpful and tailored the training to meet the individual needs of the team. Over the course of 5 days James’ knowledge, passion, and patient teaching style shone through.  A solid foundation has been established and has allowed the team to take their modeling skills to an advanced level.  Naturally, I highly recommend the services of See-it-3D.

Idris Balarabe – Urban Design Team Leader

“James is a very competent, clear, and friendly trainer, after only a few hours I was able to understand the Software’s interface and complete some basic drawings. I would recommend him to anyone needing to brush up on their skills. Also, he is very patient which is key!”

Stuart Archer

I have become a highly advanced user of Sketchup. This is solely down to the excellent training that I had initially, the continual dialogue, discussions and professional support which is second to none.I have never had this level of training or support for any other package that I have had.

James Elliott

“Thanks for the commitment and effort shown from you and your team on our school project. The pupils had a great time getting involved and seeing how easy it was to make an amazing model in such little time. what we were able to show in the 3d model was fantastic and could never have been done using a live model.”

Elaine McAdam

“It wasn’t until Mariah reached out and provided a friendly and professional response to our in-house emergency software issues, late at night, she easily kept our business moving. We would definitely recommend this service and effortless support. Bravo!Rae
“We have known James Ogston since 2008 and since then he has been a great asset for us at Key Architecture in developing our 3D visualizations   This has had a tremendous and positive impact on the presentation of the schemes and our clients’ understanding of them.  His methods are concise and clear to understand and file sizes are kept low.  Naturally we would recommend him to you.”

Derrick Osafo

“Very knowledgeable and passionate trainer with a very professional attitude and demeanor with the patience of a saint”

Mike Brown

I am very pleased with the Sketchup (ATC) Essentials 1 Course given by James Ogston to one of my employees. Training was online using Skype to facilitate communications between our offices. James made the procedures clear and explained various ways of achieving the same results. The training displayed the versatility of Sketch up, improving and extending the employee’s skills and knowledge dramatically. At this stage, after the training, Sketchup tasks that would have taken 4 hours are now being completed in 40minutes. Our level of presentation has improved dramatically. Clients love the ability to walk around and through their building before it is built, they can plan and visualise the spaces in a way that no drawing will ever allow them

Brian McGuinness

As an experienced SketchUp user I knew I was very confident with SketchUp but as a self taught user I suspected there were a few tricks I was missing.  James came in and ran through his full training program with me.  To say it was an eye opener doesn’t really go far enough.  I’m now a serious SketchUp user.  James’ knowledge and approach was highly professional and at the same time very amenable.  He was able to answer very specific industry related problems and introduced me to additional plugins and ways of working that have had an immediate and positive effect on my business presentation and efficiency.  I would thoroughly recommend James to all SketchUp users, especially those who think they already know how to use SketchUp.

 Jason Russell 

I recommend James Ogston of Seeit3d  for his highly recognized SketchUp expertise and excellent accredited training focus for any one to one tuition or corporate training events for new and existing SketchUp enthusiasts.James continues to be regarded by many Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Construction Professionals as the vital link in best portraying the intuitive and interestingly powerful 3D processes that SketchUp offers plus, at the same time continues to satisfy clients business needs to embrace 3D. We had the pleasure in utilising James SketchUp knowledge across the United Kingdom and Europe and he proved that this service successfully met our specific needs.

S.P. – Google

“James Ogston has been instrumental in our practice adopting Sketchup and undertaking all of our training requirements. His enthusiasm for the program is such that on training days we would work through lunch asking James questions… can it do this…? If we wanted to do this would it be possible to…?…. the answer was always ‘Yes!’. Thanks to James, our level of understanding in Sketchup is now such we often construct some of our more detailed projects component by component in Sketchup prior to them going on site. This allows us to provide full cutting schedules to the contractors, explain details and construction processes more easily and present ideas to the clients.”


“We have engaged the services of See-it-3D on several occasions for both group and one-to-one tutorials for Trimble Sketchup. James’s enthusiasm for the software, and the industry, coupled with his natural teaching style provides valuable value for both the new and highly experienced user.  James has transformed the way in which we design, and produce information in the office. We have no hesitation in engaging or recommending the services of James Ogston at See-it-3D.”

Robert A. Collin

“A few years ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy a one-on-one training day with James Ogston. Under James guidance it didn’t take long for me to realise just how straightforward and intuitive SketchUp really is. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the programme, and how it interfaces with other software (software on which I have to say he also appears to have a total grip) is enviable.I have become a committed and frequent user of SketchUp and in part this has been down to James help and guidance.As a footnote I would add that since then he has, on occasion, given me advice, either by phone or skype, and this has always been done clearly and with good grace.”


I would just like to express my thanks for the exceptional service that you have given my company. Your in depth knowledge and patient approach to teaching has made our transition from 2D drawing to 3D modelling a pleasant and interesting experience. We were originally very concerned that we may find the change difficult but your helpfulness and willingness to sort out our learning difficulties has made the experience quick and easy. I will have no hesitation in recommending See-It-3D to anyone who needs a friendly and efficient 3D sales,modelling ,visualisation and presentation service.

Kevin Hopcroft 

 “Just an email to thank you for the time and patience extended me during our recent training session on SketchUp. There’s absolutely no doubt that a one to one with someone skilled enough to understand the errors made by us mere mortals, makes all the difference and I feel I have left knowing much more than I did previously as well as feeling confident to take things to a new level of usage. Keen to  using this to my advantage, as well as looking forward to our next training day.”



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