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For many years, we have successfully provided proud testimony, our professional one-to-one and group-organised online software training and support services across the internet to many clients in the UK and further afield. Whether to offices, homes or an internet location of choice, we are able to accommodate our client’s needs no matter the size of the project in mind. As the world wide web communication technologies increasingly evolve, We don’t let your geographical location stop us from reaching out and supporting you, anywhere and at any time!

Stop and Think..

Have you really taken a couple of minutes to think of how much more efficient you could become with your time management in learning using online methods whilst at the same time you are reducing unnecessary travel overheads for.. your business, your employer or even for you. We all love to avoid the potential modern day pain of unforeseen travel delays and weather disruption and additional costs. Our online training and support services means that you can be somewhere else shortly before and soon after you share and work with us.It’s that simple!

So if there are times where either our Live UK classroom or onsite training events don’t suit your schedule, and the thought of comfortable and equally focused online training is of interest to you, and no matter where you are in the world, we are waiting to hear from you!

Why Online Training?

  • Economize.
  • Great Value for money.
  • Chose your time and location to train that fits around your normal work and comfort zone.
  • It’s Flexible to suit you.
  • Reduce costs on travel especially at this time around coronavirus.
  • Tailor your training for more specific needs.
  • Train together with your instructor in real-time just like in a classroom.
  • Excellent Support Mechanism.
  • Avoid wasting a lot of time self-learning from books and YouTube videos.
  • Experience our care and attention to your knowledge needs whilst we navigate you using the very best online training skills from our trainers head to your head.

Our online ad-hoc training rates start at a minimum of 1 hour @ £50 for shorter sessions. Further pricing is shown below. We will advise you on the course duration following a review of your chosen topics of interest.

TAILORED TRAINING – Contact to discuss

For more focused, in-depth professional training we offer competitive rates for several days training online and we can even work on live projects alongside you to meet important deadlines.

So What’s Next?

call or email us using our details shown at bottom of any of our web pages.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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