Quantifier Pro for SketchUp


SketchUp 2016 or newer is required for Quantifier Pro.  It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Quantifier Pro 30 Day Trial

Online User Guide (English)


Create Instant Quantity and Cost Reports with Quantifier Pro!

Quantifier Pro is the ultimate tool for getting instant quantity and cost information from your SketchUp model.  Features include:
  • Simply select the objects in your model and instantly see the total length, area, volume, weight, and cost
  • All reports are model-driven and automatically update when the model changes.
  • Fully Customizable Component Reports that can show length, width, height, projected area, surface area, volume, weight, cost, and more
  • Detailed Cost Reports
  • Instant Material report showing the surface area of all materials in your model
  • Assign re-usable cost rules by layer, material, object, or to the entire model
  • Cost Inspector Tool shows complete cost calculation for the selected object to verify accuracy
  • Use Microsoft Excel (Windows only) to share unified cost data across multiple SketchUp models
  • Supports multiple languages and international currency
  • Full control of units and precision displayed in reports
  • Use with Profile Builder 3 for even more power!


Share Cost Data across multiple SketchUp models using Excel





Q: Do I need to have Profile Builder to use Quantifier Pro? 

A: No, Quantifier Pro works even if you do not have Profile Builder.  However, if you create your objects using Profile Builder, the length quantities will be more accurate for certain types of objects.

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