Double Cut for SketchUp

Make your windows and door components automatically cut through double-sided walls!  

Not only that, if you move the component after inserting it, the double-cut will automatically be updated, saving you valuable time.

A must-have plugin for architects and interior designers, Double-Cut works behind the scenes to adjust window and door openings created by SketchUp cutting components as you edit them.

Double-Cut reacts automatically to the standard SketchUp tools.  Move a door and the opening automatically moves with it.  Scale a dynamic window component and the opening resizes.

SketchUp 2017 or newer is required for Double-Cut.  It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

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Create or Import a SketchUp Cutting Component


Cutting components are special components that you can easily create with SketchUp.  To create a cutting component:

Create a component that contains a series of edges that form a closed shape (like a rectangle).  These edges will be used to cut the opening (cutting edges).

Make sure the Component settings are set to ‘Cut Opening’

Make sure the Component is set to glue to a face.

Make sure the component axis is set so that cutting edges on directly are on the X-Y (Red-Green) plane.

Modifying Cutting Components


When you insert new cutting components in your model onto an existing face, Double-Cut will work automatically.

If you move, rotate, or scale the components, the double-cut will update.

Enable and Disable Double-Cut


You can disable or enable double-cut for the selected cutting component.  

To disable double-cut for all components, you must disable the plugin using the SketchUp Extension Manager and restart SketchUp.

Unglue and Re-Glue Cutting Components



In order for double-cut to work, the cutting component must be glued directly to a face and not to another group or component.

To unglue a cutting component, use SketchUp’s right-click context menu

To re-glue a cutting component, select the component and a face and then choose Double-Cut -> Glue to Face from the context menu.  

For this to work, the cutting component must it’s axis located on the plane of the selected face.

Exploding and Modifying Locked Double-Cut Groups


The Double-Cut groups are locked by default and cannot be modified.

To unlock the selected double-cut groups, use the SketchUp right-click context menu.

To unlock and explode the selected groups, choose Double-Cut -> Explode Locked Groups from the context menu.

Use the SketchUp outliner to easily select multiple double-cut groups.

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