3skeng Steelwork Tool


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3skeng Steelwork Tool


We put the “Steelwork Tool” to many “real life” tests, constantly work to improve it and enable it to handle our biggest and most complex steelwork designs.


“Steelwork Tool”

All you need to draw Steelwork models with straight and chamfered segments.
A memory function assists you in the process.
An extensive built-in library allows you to choose from many different standards from all over the world.

Libraries for 3skeng Mount Tool

Mount libraries have been created based on market available channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and cantilever arms. Roller bearings, Pipe-clips, -clamps, -straps and -shoes fully integrate “3skeng Pipe” elements in your channel designs. A ready-to-install bill of material (BOM) is just a few clicks away.
Get detailed information about the libraries’ content in pdf-files available in the client of the 3skeng software (after installation and activation). Here you can also buy libraries to add to your 3skeng work environment. Libraries can be used for one year (starting from day of purchase).

C-Channel Library

C-channels, fittings, supports and system-specific pipe supports.

0-Channel Library

Heavy Duty O-channels, fittings, supports and system-specific pipe supports.


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