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ARCHLine.XP is an architectural design software equipped with a fully integrated Open BIM interface, providing the tools to create coordinated and computable building models. Every component, such as floor plans, sections, and elevations are in one comprehensive model. Your BIM projects are fully coordinated and they don’t require any manual updates to keep them synchronized.

Working with ARCHLine.XP architectural design software you can create: floor plan views, section views, elevation views, perspective views, construction details, printing layouts, schedules, Excel reports, renderings, photo inserts, and even animations.

Architectural tools

Model elements have 3D geometry such as walls and columns, doors and windows, roofs, beams, plinths, stairs, ramps, railings, rooms, etc. Drafting elements complete the documentation of the project on a specific view such as lines, arcs, dimensions, text, hatches, etc. ARCHLine.XP coordinates changes throughout the entire project. This means a more accurate design.

Design phases

With design phases, you can simultaneously present the existing state and the new construction plan. Design phases can be separated, and using phase filters, you can showcase every stage of the design process. Renovating buildings or planning more complex projects becomes significantly easier with design phases.

Automatic BIM modelling from 2D DWG floor plans and floor plan images

Don’t waste time with manual processing! With the automatic BIM modelling algorithm, you can transform 2D DWG floor plans and raster images into real architectural elements in moments.

Site models and cooperation with Google Maps

Nothing works on the client’s imagination better than a proper visualisation of the project. ARCHLine.XP, thanks to the possibility of importing a 3D terrain model directly from Google Maps, makes it possible to embed the designed building in the place where it is actually to be built.

Point cloud

Point clouds enable the 3D representation of existing structures, such as a room or the entire building. Using filters, you can access necessary details and convert them into real BIM elements like walls, floors, doors, and windows.
It offers an efficient solution for quick and size-independent import of large files (E57, RCS, RCP, PLY, and LAS file formats).

BIM Data Exchange

ARCHLine.XP supports various file formats, including DWG, DXF, IFC, RVT, RFA, 3DS, and OBJ files, allowing users to import and export files from other CAD and BIM software.
Through the IFC format, besides geometry, the software receives and transfers BIM parameters, avoiding data loss.

Compatibility with many file formats

You can import and export numerous 2D and 3D file formats: DWG, IFC, SKP, OBJ, RVT, and many more formats. You can directly download objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse into your own library and easily place them in your project.

Reference to external files

You can attach any CAD file to your project as an external reference or Xref. Changes made to the referenced drawing automatically appear in the current drawing when you open or reload it using Xref.


Teamwork tools makes available to work on the same project with your colleagues together. Every part of your project updates automatically, so that the plan and the documentation are one coherent unit through the lifecycle of it.

Quantity take-off

The reports tabulate the model information extracted from the project, such as the rooms, the number and characteristics of the doors and windows in the rooms, and the materials and quantities of the walls and slabs of the building. This will help you to prepare construction documentation more accurately and quickly.

Plot Layout

With the Plot Layout tool, you can create multi-page documentation from your project. If you want to display model changes, you can automatically synchronize all plan sheets. The completed print sheets can be merged into a PDF document

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