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SEE-IT-3D are premium specialists in design software and hardware sales and professional training for the United Kingdom, Europe and International clients.

We offer the best-in-class 3D professional design software, Computer Graphics Imagery and Virtual Reality Animation software solutions plus graphics cards and professionally branded 3D computer workstations and laptops.

Our mission is to help sole, small and large businesses to utilise the best design software that presents precise 3D CAD, BIM and 3D presentation tools at great value and affordability.

Our excellent portfolio of products and services suits all needs and any budget for your life or future projects. If your career journey is starting or currently in design we have the answers along with a proven track record of delivering the best that brings success to you and your business.


For expert training, we are the first professional training business that continues to deliver the first and very best training techniques and skill sets supported by ONLINE one-to-one and group training events serving the UK and globally. See the Events page for details.

Our online training and support services continue to deliver customer satisfaction way beyond expectations. We have the privileged industry experience to fulfil this as premiering our unique training approach since 2004. This training service is enjoyed by all participants who experience our virtual online web training using the best personal focus and attention for any online collaboration. We don’t let your Geographic location come between us and neither, and should you.

We have also been closely involved in working in the design and construction arena for 30 years and we can professionally support any digital user and client to receive instant feedback from drawing with instant digital versions of the original hand drawing technique even if they are not from a CAD background.

We offer services in design for new projects, extensions, and conversions and work with design professionals to provide the best service to you.

3D products include; SketchUp Pro, ARCHLine.XP BIM, Moment of Inspiration (Moi3D), ARCHLine.XP BIM and Interior Design solutions, 2D CAD namely ZWCAD, SketchUp extensions,
Rendering software includes; V-Ray, SU Podium, TwinMotion, D5 Render, ARCHLine LIVE and Enscape.
Hardware;  3DConnexion, Customised Dell & HP Workstations and Laptops, Virtual Reality Headsets

For all products and services that we offer, please refer to the relevant pages for further information.


We aim to love our clients to love us


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