SketchUp Essentials 2 Authorised Training Course


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Overview – 1 DAY Duration 
Visualising spaces in three dimensions is critical to the success of the design of architectural spaces. The interplay of light, colour, space and form make exciting spaces function successfully. Traditional methods for exploring these issues are very labor intensive. Use of computer software has enabled quicker (and sometimes more accurate) study models to be generated and explored.
Successful integration of modelling software within an architectural practice hinges on how well the computer information can be used, not only inside the computer (to other software packages), but also outside the computer to communicate to clients and review agencies. The output from your SketchUp computer models may be rendered in many different ways; from straight computer printouts, to raster images for retouching with photo editing software, to vector polygon graphics reworked with illustration software, to producing accurate perspective underlays for developing hand renderings.

This course is not what it appears. You are learning from SketchUp Accredited Trainers that have had over 23 years Official SketchUp teaching this syllabus. You are getting real value knowledge, jam packed full of indepth golden nugget and speed skills and you will save a huge amount of time from trying to self learn from videos , books and other means of trying but failing but failing to grasp how SketchUp should be used in your day to day workflow.!


Course Objectives
SketchUp enables you to draw using a familiar pencil and paper paradigm in a software context. The SketchUp Essentials 2 course provides students with an excellent choice for learning to use SketchUp to build up a three dimensional model from surfaces defined by the edges that are drawn. This course is intended for students with basic experience with SketchUp, and who want to create efficient 3 dimensional models using SketchUp.


Prior Skills
To be successful in this course, you should already be able to:
• Define fundamental geometric terms including: polygon, parallel, perpendicular, axes, and arc.
• Define 3-dimensional drawing terms including: rendering, field of view, and point of view.
• Demonstrate mouse skills including: double-click, single-click, drag, and right-click (context-click).
• Demonstrate proficient use of the line (pencil), move, erase, orbit, zoom, and select tools in SketchUp.

You will need a basic 3-button scroll wheel mouse to use SketchUp efficiently.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

• Demonstrate stickiness in the model

• Use Groups and Components to isolate geometry

• Know the difference between a group and a component

• Create a component – Live Components

• Demonstrate component behaviour and how to edit a component

• Create component nesting for efficient modelling

• Demonstrate the effect of scaling on similar components

• Understand the Component browser

• Browse for and download components for Trimble 3D Warehouse

• Combine components to create a model in Google Earth

• Locate a site in Add Location

• Import the site to SketchUp

• Insert a component from a file

• Model from a Photograph

• Photomatch

• Texture Tweaker

• Understand the Materials browser

• Use the Follow-me tool

• Swap (reload) components in a model

• Work with SketchUp Styles-Apply-Edit/Create,Mix

• Create a basic presentation by sending to LayOut




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