ZWCAD 2025 Features

Create Amazing Things – 2025 Available Now!

Efficient, User-friendly, Connected – an Ultimate 2D CAD Solution

General-purpose perpetual, network and subscription-based

2D CAD Software!

ZWCAD 2025

ZWCAD 2025 PRO is 78% less to pay than Full AutoCAD!

ZWCAD 2025 STANDARD is 38% less to pay than AutoCAD LT!

No relearning for existing AutoCAD users!

Much faster software performance and smarter tools added!


Efficiency Improvement

Open, pan and zoom complex 3D models faster and smoother.

New Visual Styles

Meet diverse visualization needs with the addition of 4 visual styles, including Conceptual, Realistic, Shade of Grey, and X-ray.

STEP File Import

Directly import 3D files in STEP formats (AP203 and AP214) without the hassle of format conversion.

3D Gizmo

Move, rotate, and scale 3D objects conveniently with 3D gizmos.

Ribbon Improvement

Customize your own workspace freely with Ribbon panels that can be slid out, dragged, floated and collapsed as icons.

Panel Improvement

Panels can be stacked and hidden automatically to provide a bigger drawing space. A new navigator helps you drag or dock panels more conveniently.

Floating Drawing Window

View multiple drawings simultaneously with drawing windows that can be dragged out of the program as floating windows.

Command Match Improvement

Find what you need faster and easier with the support for non-initial string matching and sorting by frequency of use.

Revcloud Improvement

Revcloud has become a CAD entity type and you can change the shape of revclouds easily by dragging their grips.

Raster to Vector Conversion

It can convert raster images to CAD objects easily, saving the time spent on converting paper drawings to DWG files.  

FAS/VLX File Support

It supports direct loading of LISP programs in FASX/VLX files, eliminating format conversion.

Point Cloud Improvement

Point Cloud Improvement

GIS Improvement

It can import more mapping services such as Bing Maps, and match geographic markers with specified points in drawings.

Help Document Improvement

Access the help document service more conveniently with the online help document. Search efficiency has increased with the support for filters.


2D Drafting

Advanced Tools

3D Features


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