Enscape 4.0: The Foundation for the Future

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Introducing Enscape 4.0— Chaos Enscapes latest version developed to create a unified experience across platforms. macOS users can now work with the ease and speed of a complete design and visualization workflow, just like their Windows counterparts.

This new version signifies the foundation for the future. It unveils an overhauled codebase with improved infrastructure and technical foundation to increase stability and performance. It strengthens the interoperability between products within the Chaos ecosystem and enables us to develop both operating systems in unison.

In addition to providing a unified experience across Windows and macOS, Enscape 4.0 includes the following:

  • New people & animated vegetation assets
  • NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports
  • Support for Rhino 8.3 or later
  • UI reskin
  • Chaos interoperability
  • Ray-traced artificial lights (beta) 🪟
  • Improved reflections & global illumination (for hardware ray tracing) 🪟
  • New support for VR headsets 🪟
  • Revit Worksharing optimization 🪟

Fast and easy visualization for the Mac community

Our new multi-platform solution marks a significant milestone in providing an unparalleled Enscape experience for Mac users. Now, users on macOS can seamlessly enjoy the same robust features that Windows users have long celebrated.

The macOS features added specifically for this release include:

  • Adjustable assets
  • Dynamic asset placement
  • Custom Asset Library
  • Custom Asset Editor
  • Site context
  • BIM data
  • Collaborative Annotations

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