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3D Warehouse “Models” are individual, separate three-dimensional models of objects created, designed, and developed by you or a third-party (a “Developer”) or by Trimble and include related content and information about or included with the Models. Trimble is not responsible for any Developer Models. “Distribute” means to submit, upload, distribute, sell (upon Trimble’s implementation of payment systems) and/or license Models you have created to end-users.

Currently, all Models are made available and Distributed through 3D Warehouse free of charge. If Trimble implements a payment system, Trimble will post additional terms to these Terms of Use describing the ways in which Models may be purchased and sold through 3D Warehouse.

To download and use the Models, you need software that is compatible with the Model (for which Trimble or the applicable manufacturer may charge a separate fee) and a computer device with Internet access; such requirements may change from time-to-time and are your responsibility.

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