3D Warehouse

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Access over 5M pre-built 3D models, 2D elements, and materials from the world’s largest free 3D library. Shorten the time to discover your one-in-a-million object with AI-driven image & material search in 3D Warehouse.

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Millions of models at your fingertips

Find what you need, fast[ Need the perfect sofa or light fixture to bring your project to life? No need to model it from scratch. Find and download your one-in-a-million model, add it to your project, and keep designing.

Share your work with the world

We know you’re proud of what you create in SketchUp… you should be. Don’t keep that to yourself! Share your models with the community and inspire others.

Promote your products

Have a product that an architect, interior designer, or woodworker might specify or buy? 3D Warehouse has millions of relevant users. Increase sales and brand awareness by putting your product in front of your customers.

Advanced search

Discover 3D models and materials in 3D Warehouse quickly by leveraging text-based search or our new AI-powered image and material search.

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