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Tried the online videos, read the books but still can’t get it? Then This is for you!

Save on travel and be trained in the comfort

of your office or home. Avoid time restrictions and focus better with the help of our SketchUp accredited trainers

Click to register and save on this 2-day “full-on” online professional 3D training course.

Foundation/Intermediate Trimble ATC Certified SketchUp PRO training.

Learn SketchUp 2021’s new workflow.

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 Updated Software Requirement: 64-bit only

As we continue to successfully support clients regarding online live group and personal training

Due to popular demand, we also offer weekend training on any of the courses below including bespoke training..

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Learn more – Getting Started with SketchUp

Learn more -Getting Started with Trimble Connect 


Tailor your own SketchUp and LayOut Training

Let us help you by customizing your SketchUp Pro and Layout 🙂

2 Hr training option.

4.5 Hr ATC (Authorised Training) Certified.

8 Hr ATC (Authorised Training) Certified.

16 Hr ATC (Authorised Training) Certified.

Contact us to discuss your SketchUp Pro Sales and Certified / Tailored Training, 3D Modelling and Visualisation Needs..

Learn 3D – Change and Build Your 3D Business Services with SEEIT3D 


We are an official International Trimble SketchUp sales and Authorized Sketch Up Training Centre in UK supporting Architecture,Engineering and Construction. We specialize in the best delivery of our extensive range of certified and tailored Sketchup training courses for the London (UK), Europe and global market. Our 3D Courses are successfully delivered and enjoyed by many as live UK training eventscompany privateonsite and web online.

Our Strongly established SketchUp skill sets and training system has been formed from many years of promoting and educating many small sized to global leading businesses since the early days as Authorised trainers firstly with @Last Software(Original SketchUp Creators) then as Google’s first and longest established Authorised Sketchup training centre for UK and Europe, and now with Trimble.

We provide the best Trimble Accredited SketchUp UK ONLINE LIVE and tailor made Sketchup ONLINE courses in London for Architecture-Interior Design-Landscape-Planners-Construction-Graphic Designers in major cities and other locations across the UK eg. London, Manchester,  Leeds, Birmingham and also Wales, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Ireland.

We offer ONLINE CUSTOM, or ONLINE training for your office. We also deliver excellent and client-specific training solutions for your exact needs plus, we know what really is necessary when starting your 3D adventure. With this, we can firmly prove we are your best answer to Sketch up training as we seamlessly support the UK and Europe to stay ahead of alternative providers.

We offer a second to none swift and robust 3D modeling training approach together with speed skill modelling techniques that seamlessly provides just the right training for the SketchUp beginner to the power user and beyond. We also offer great support to the “converted” CAD folks who wish to learn,create, visualise and present in 3D in no time. Nowadays many designers and stakeholders require 3D models and visualisations to deadlines for invaluable decision making and to wow and win! This is why even in the construction fields, we provide varied levels of training support to match those requiring slick professional 3D conceptual interpretations, 3D working documentation and technical 3D model detailing, both on small to large projects using ..SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

With SketchUp Pro’s fast and powerful 3D engine combined with the LayOut Documentation and presentation CAD like system, we can show you how invaluable these tools are to both yourself, your clients plus more importantly, we can prove how you can bring profit back to your company. All courses are trained to the highest levels of Sketchup Pro knowledge and expertise by our trainers that hold over ten years of SketchUp expertise in modelling, Certified training, design, rendering and visualisation and we have a proven track record that is second to none.

James Ogston – SEEIT3D SketchUp Expert

James Ogston, founder of SeeIt3D, an accredited training center in the United Kingdom. James developed 3D modeling expertise during a fourteen-year career in architecture and construction plus, fifteen years providing 3D software, training, and actively assisting clients to meet critical project deadlines. Today, his passion is sharing ‘3D for Everyone’ with everyone. James’s approach to learning SketchUp has succeeded on a global scale, across both beginners and advanced students. James is proud to be regarded as a longstanding SketchUp expert, having been an Authorized Trainer since SketchUp was launched under @Last software. James enjoys spreading SketchUps clear message and continues to offer the full range of his knowledge on basic to super-advanced training, 3D Modelling and rendering services to clients!

Trimble SketchUp Pro Official Training Courses-Click course title to learn more

SketchUp Pro 2 Day  – 8 hrs

ATC LayOut Certified Training – 4.5 hrs

ATC SketchUp Essentials I Certified Training – 4.5 hrs

ATC SketchUp Essentials 2 Certified Training – 4.5 hrs

ATC Advanced Skills Certified Training – 8 hrs

ATC Advanced Landscape Certified Training – 8 hrs

ATC Geomodeling for SketchUp Certified Training – 8hrs

LayOut Technical Communication Training – 8hrs

  • UK Live ONLINE Training.. Refer to our Events Calendar

(all courses are delivered with full hands on real time training – 4.5 and 8 hrs training)

  • UK Live SketchUp Pro Certified Training..

Our first training commitment to you is the offering of our Live SketchUp Pro training in major UK cities or at a nearby location near you. With this option you meet our team and enjoy the best live certified professional training experience provided by our experts.Check our Events for further details.
UK Live courses are delivered using the Official Trimble ATC training materials and targeted at delivering our best training knowledge and gains Accredited Training Certification for current or future 3D career prospects
  • Company Private Training Courses at your facility or online..

Our official certified training courses are delivered to you in a more private company training environment unlike our UK Live city training courses as above. Company private courses are opened to one business at a time or one to one with us.
This course is delivered using the Official Trimble ATC training materials but targeted for individuals and private company training.
  • Bespoke Training..Tailored training at your facility or online.

We offer streamlined SketchUp Pro training options for you and your company relating to any particular topic or workflows using SketchUp Pro, LayOut and Stylebuilder to successfully gain the best professional 3D skillsets tuned up and ready for today’s projects or better still! prepare your skills in advance for future projects or career moves.

This course can be developed and designed to your actual needs and you agree on content required and duration.

  • Project Driven Training.. Project training at your facility or online.

Do you require a SketchUp Pro expert to jump in and work alongside you on actual live projects?
We deliver that elite SketchUp project training service on the job!
Yes-we have MANY years of SketchUp pro official training expertise and exposure working alongside many design professionals. We understand that most project deadlines are always critical and you learn better on the job using the fastest shortcuts and our knowledge!
We get involved in demonstrating how you can learn to use Pro to its best plus drive your current skills and reduce overheads.
This applies to any project whether its a live design, construction or presentation project.

This course benefits from receiving a clear initial client brief, time-scales and project deliverables. Why not hire our time to work to your deadline submissions,whilst engaging and make any necessary and unforeseen design decision alterations on the job?

  • SketchUp Pro Client Presenter Training..

Interest in portraying 3D for your sales,marketing and collaborative needs without the requirements to fully engage in learning full 3D?

This course is developed to introduce non SketchUp users an intuitive approach to handling 3D and understanding SketchUp Pro for 3D presentations,high quality branding outputs, design documents and communication needs.

  • SketchUp Pro Model Management Services

We pull all things SketchUp into developing your very own customized SketchUp Pro model management and robust 3D working environment. This service takes months off your learning curve and is proving that business owners,decision makers,IT and model managers ,designers,technicians and YOU, can work with unrivaled 3D Skills learning and benefiting from the highest grade of knowledge we can offer you to become a real SketchUp Pro!
This service is offered onsite or on-line and delivers very important and worthwhile 3D tuition to all.
  • SketchUp Pro Online Q&A Training Support..

Whether you are a self taught, intermediate or an advanced Sketch Upper,
we can offer you hourly or block online training support to help you move on with your project work. So whether you are picking up your Sketchup tools for the first time, or you need that important assistance online for an hour or more, do get in-touch with us and we will rapidly amaze and help you progress.
This service is aimed at kick starting SketchUp users to engage with SEEIT3D and learn at a suitable time, specific 3D modeling scenarios or techniques to assist in your learning process or whilst preparing for a project deadline or design concept without engaging in full 
focused day courses.

Contact us to discuss YOUR SketchUp Pro Software Sales and ATC certified training needs.


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