SU Podium Training

Learn SU Podium – New User Online Training 



This course specifically focuses on teaching new or infrequent SU Podium users, a good level of professional standard knowledge and techniques to manage and produce competent renderings.

SketchUp modeling preparation is also reviewed for seamless modeling and rendering workflows.



Little or no Knowledge of SU Podium. Competent in the use of  SketchUp Pro. Proficient in the day to day operation of a Windows/MAC  computer and can operate a computer mouse with left and

right mouse button and scroll wheel. (If we discover additional SketchUp Pro training is needed, we shall consult)


6 Hrs Total. We will endeavor to run your SU Podium training within the agreed timescales however this will depend on the class pace.

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for unexpected delays or disruptions such as: emergency evacuations, noise pollution, power outages and slow pace.

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  • Introduction
  • SketchUp Preparation for best results.
  • What is SU Podium
  • The SU Podium Options and User Interface
  • Troubleshooting
  • Podium Presets
  • Podium Light System
  • Material Properties System
  • Podium Browser
  • Other Podium Tools
  • Interior/Exterior Clay Rendering
  • Interior/Exterior Rendering- Basic
  • Interior/Exterior Rendering- Advanced
  • Podium Image Editor
  • Panoramas VR

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