ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou) is a reliable provider of all-in-one CAx (CAD/CAM/CAE) solutions with self-developed 2D CAD, 3D CAD/CAM, and electromagnetic/structural simulation technologies. Committed to advancing CAx technologies, ZWSOFT has set up 6 R&D centers in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and Florida as well as independently developed Overdrive, a 3D geometric modeling kernel.

Since 2004, ZWSOFT has sold its products to over 900,000 genuine users in AEC and MFG industries from more than 90 countries and districts. ZWSOFT has been recognized by well-known companies in mechanical, electronic, automotive, architectural, transportation, energy, etc. fields, such as CH. Karnchang, Deltamarin Poland, Dragados Offshore S.A., Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam, LG, and SIEMENS.

Based on its advanced CAD/CAM technologies, ZWSOFT has devoted itself to education. From the textbook compilation, curriculum development to the construction of training workshops, ZWSOFT has catered to the educational reform requirements and has provided solutions for architectural and mechanical majors as well as created 3D printing practices to over 3,000 undergraduate and vocational institutions. Meanwhile, ZWSOFT has served more than 60,000 schools with its innovative educational software, courses, and services for young people across the country.

In the future, ZWSOFT will invest more heavily in the R&D of core CAx technologies and build reliable all-in-one CAx solutions with its 3D CAD geometric modeling kernel technology. Moreover, ZWSOFT will establish a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for the industry and make more contributions to the development of a high-end engineering software system.

Dedicated to CAD/CAE/CAM Core Technologies for over 2 Decades

ZWSOFT has formed the product matrix of CAD, CAE, and CAM, and kept enhancing APIs for extensive technological cooperation and extended product capabilities, to better satisfy complicated needs in multiple industries

 Self-developed CAx Core Technologies

ZWSOFT has self-developed core technologies like 2D CAD platform, 3D geometric modeling kernel (Overdrive), solid-surface hybrid modeling, EIT algorithm, mesh generation, pre-and post-processing, etc.

Powerful R&D Strength

ZWSOFT has founded 6 R&D centers over the world, to engage worldwide excellent talents who focus on the R&D of CAx core technologies. The R&D investment accounted for about 30% of the revenue for many years.

Extensive University-Industry-Research Cooperation

ZWSOFT has established long-term cooperation with numerous colleges, universities and scientific research institutions, to tackle cutting-edge CAD/CAE/CAM technologies together.

Abundant Ecosystem of Second Development

ZWSOFT has cooperated deeply with worldwide professional software developers and set up ZWSOFT Developer Network, to further satisfy multi-scenario and multi-disciplinary needs in multiple industries.


 ZWSOFT products have been exported since 2004. Internationalizing its business, R&D, and service, ZWSOFT sold its products to over 90 countries/districts and benefited more than 900,000 users.

International partners

Cooperating with more than 260 partners in the world, setting up branch offices in the USA, Vietnam, etc., ZWSOFT is able to better serve global users with mature abilities of business development, technical support, and marketing promotion.

International products

There are altogether 15 language versions of ZWSOFT products, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese,

Portuguese, French, Korean, Polish, Italian, etc. for users in different countries.

International R&D

 ZWSOFT has established an R&D center in Florida, the USA to engage worldwide excellent professionals and actively takes part in the international technical communication and cooperation with ITC/ODA and the attendance of COFES (Congress on the future of Engineering Software)

Technical partners such as

  • Open Design Alliance
  • Spatial
  • IntelliCAD Technology Consortium
  • Flexera Software
  • Render Plus Software
  • Foxit Reader
  • MachineWorks
  • Siemens



To provide reliable all-in-one CAx solutions to worldwide users.


To provide reliable software & services to worldwide CAD/CAM/CAE users.

To establish a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for the design software industry.

To promote industrial innovation and progress.

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To be humble and persistent, righteous, and fearless.

Happy work, happy life.

User experience is the priority.

Happiness for all is real happiness.

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