ZWCAD 2024 Features

Efficient, User-friendly, Connected – an Ultimate 2D CAD Solution

General-purpose perpetual and Subscription-based 2D CAD Software!

Costs 49% less than Full AutoCAD, no relearning for existing AutoCAD users and much faster software performance!

ZWCAD 2024
ZWCAD 2024



Speed up your workflow with Flexiblock that contains parameters and actions. Plus, It can be created or edited to fit your needs.

Sheet Set Manager

View, access, manage, and plot multiple drawings. All of them can be done in one panel.

Point Cloud

Process point cloud data in ZWCAD easily to improve design accuracy. You can attach, manage, and edit them such as cropping and creating section plans.

Tool Palettes

Drag and use mechanical, architectural, electrical blocks; store custom blocks

Quick Properties Panel

View and edit properties easily with Quick Properties Panel. The panel can be customized to fit your needs.

File Compare

Spot the differences between two drawings at once

Data Extraction

Create and update tables made with data of objects for better data organization and analysis

Digital Signature

Ensure original and reliable source of drawing data

Settings Migration

Migrate customized settings from earlier versions (ZWCAD 2018/2019) to the latest version

Express Tools

More handy drawing tools are available

Layout Export

Export visible objects from the layout to the model space


2D Drafting

Advanced Tools

3D Features


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